Elm Road Express May 2020

"Putting Dreams into Flight"

From the Desk of Dr. Soto Kile

Once again I would like to thank everyone for your hard work this week! Next week we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. I have always felt very blessed to work at Elm Road. I am surrounded by dedicated teachers and staff members. I now add the parent group in my list of people to appreciate. Thank you for the countless hours you have spent supporting learning in your homes. May begins the start of several celebrations. Many grade levels are creating virtual opportunities for students for the typical end of the year celebrations and events. The teachers will be sharing more in their weekly newsletters to parents.

Students invited to participate in summer school will be receiving more information from your child's teacher. We will continue to utilize the eLearning format, and there will be components in which all students will be invited to participate. We hope all students will continue their learning this summer.

Important Dates to Remember

May 20th - Last day of eLearning and school for the students. Keep in mind some components of summer learning will be able to be accessed by all students!

Notes from the Office

  • If you have moved, please call the office to update your address.
  • If your child will not be returning next school year, please call the office.

Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following

“Eagles” for their wonderful

“SOAR” behavior

Barnes: Kristina Kanyi, Trinity Stephens & Aiden Wright

Portolese: Tyler Czarnecki & Alivia Petersen

Renz: Hope Knowlton, Caleb Perkey & Sydney Roberts

Swaby: Parker Hopkins, Charlette Davis & Zophya Lee

Bush: Claire Vigil & Finn Higgins

Hinton: Ryan McClain, Noah Perkey, & Claire Slee

Taylor: Owen Pitt, Bryce Scott, and Bentley Baney

Clark: Aries Bourdon & Ariana Navarro

Richard: Wrigley Tropp & Jason Hall

Tornquist: Kathryn McGinnis, Caedmon Bayer, Emery Caston, Elijah Vigil

Anderson: Adelaide Hixon & Ian Zimmer

Miller: Briar Barrier & Ian Levendoski

Myers: Parker Wolfe & Brady McGillem

Pillow: Leo Grimm & Annalee Patzschke & Kent Neighbour

Cook: Dominic Ramirez and Eli Hardesty

Keough: Brody Scott & Priscilla Bowlds Hurtle

Newcomer: Ireland Bayer & Collin Truman

Freeman: Blake Gill & Alex Vespie

Kertai: Gracie Guest & Garrett Probst & Kole Klein

Mellor: Ethan Russell & Madison McAllister

Shreiner: Colten Allen & Sekaia Easton

Elm Road Courtyard April 2020

Big picture

What's Happening in PE

Dear Elm Road Families,

I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy! I am so grateful for the supportive students, staff and parents that I am able to work with! Your work with eLearning has been impressive, and I have enjoyed meeting with many students on Zoom!

Good news! We were able to reschedule our skating unit in the gym for October. More details will be going home with students at the beginning of the school year!

During this time, if it’s difficult to get outside and practice throwing and catching, shooting hoops, riding bikes or going for walks/runs. I have come up with a list of great online workouts for students and adults. Please take some time for mental, physical and emotional health breaks daily.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! dparisi@phm.k12.in.us


Debbie Parisi

Enjoy these resources to stay active!



Fitness Blender

Glenn Higgins Fitness

Cosmic kids Yoga

Just Dance

Greetings from Elm Road Music Room

The month of May will be an interesting month for Elm Road and for me. Baby Kyle is due this month! Just a reminder, ALL STUDENTS have two lessons per week for music class. You must submit the google form after each lesson to turn it in to me. All lessons are on my website under the eLearning tab.

Website: sites.google.com/phm.k12.in.us/elmroadmusicclass/home

I miss my students!

Mrs. Nakayama


PE Fit Challenge


I hope everyone is staying healthy during these times. I miss seeing all of our Elm Road Family!

During the days that the weather permits, I hope you are finding time to get outside and enjoy family activities outdoors. Here are some fun and creative outside family game ideas!

Since we will be missing a very special day of the year “Fun in the Sun” day, our staff has put together a little “virtual” field day for you to complete with your family! Please send any short videos (max 10-15 seconds) or pictures of your family completing any of these activities to your child’s classroom teacher by May 15th to be put into a whole school slideshow. The description of the events will be coming to you soon. Your family will have from May 11th-14th to complete the activities you choose so that you can send a picture or video to your classroom teacher by May 15. We hope to share the slideshow by May 20th!

The Indiana Department of Education put together a “Healthy Hoosier Family” fitness challenge for all K-3 students. Here is the link to the program.

Stay healthy,

Debbie Parisi

Youth Service Bureau

-- Hello Elm Road Eagles ---

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! I sure do miss seeing all of your smiling faces at the school. However, I am happy that we are taking care of ourselves by staying home with our families. I wanted to share with you the food pantries in our community if there is a need for your family.

The Food Bank of St. Joe County is


To find pantries close to your families:


If there are any other needs and/or struggles that your family is currently dealing with, please email me at ashell@phm.k12.in.us and I will try my best to meet your needs.

Saying Goodbye

Library Lines

The month of May is a time for beautiful weather, finishing the school year, and planning summer activities. In April, we usually celebrate Screen Free Week during the Spring Book Fair.

This year we can join the National Screen Free Week (usually held the first week of May). Due to the COVID-19 Screen Free Week is now Screen Free Saturdays. Click the link to learn more. https://www.screenfree.org/saturdays

If you have Elm Road Library Books at home, please watch for future communications as to how to return them to the school. Until then, please find them and put them in a safe place so that all the books will be returned and ready to check out next year.

I hope you have been enjoying the eLearning read aloud books from me and your teachers. It's been fun zooming with your classes and seeing that you are all reading.

Keep reading and smiling!

Mrs. Knapp

Screen Free Saturdays

For Screen Free Week this year, we are doing Screen Free Saturdays. Please join us in celebrating Screen Free Saturdays! Here is the video of some things our Elm Road staff likes to do on Screen Free Saturdays.
Screen Free Saturday

The Runyon Family's Getty Challenge

S.E.L. News

Please be sure to check out the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) weekly lesson for this week where we will talk about the importance of kindness, which relates to the SEL competency of relationship skills. You can find the SEL lessons that have been created for P-H-M during the extended eLearning time period by visiting the SEL webpage at this link. A special thank you to our Youth Services Bureau Specialist assigned to Prairie Vista Elementary School, Mrs. Ashley Hammond, for creating the eLearning SEL lessons for all of P-H-M elementary schools for the week of April 27, 2020.

Please be sure to check out the social-emotional and mental health resources on P-H-M's website for additional information. There are several resources there created by Dr. Sears, P-H-M's Director of SEL and Mental Health, including resources specific to the CoronaVirus Pandemic, Mental Wellness and Anticipatory Grief, which will be hopefully beneficial to you especially during this time.