used to/be/get used to + ing

but not any longer/become accustomed to

used to

When we use used to, we are talking about something which happened regularly or was true at an earlier stage in our lives but which is now over.

To make questions, we use the normal auxiliary did. Note thatused to cannot be used in question tag form. Note also the possible/probable replies to used to questions.

Study the following examples:

  • 'Did you use to go ice-skating when you were young?' 'No, I never did.'

  • 'Didn't you use to ring the school to say you were ill and then play poker with Sam?' 'I sometimes did, yeah!'

  • 'You used to do ballet in the church hall, didn't you?' 'Yes, I did. Every Saturday between the ages of nine and twelve.'

'used to' English Grammar for EFL and ESL by Chris Fry, Barcelona

be used to + noun or -ing get used to + noun or -ing

If somebody gets or is used to something, he becomes or is fully familiar with it. It is no longer strange or awkward. It can refer to past, present or future experiences.

'I never got used to shaking hands with people all the time when I lived there. It's just not the custom in our country.'

'Are you getting used to the accent now?

It's very different from standard English, isn't it?

Used to / Get used to / be used to