Sequoia Middle School Monday Memo

Monday, June 6th, 2016 (Last Edition)

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Weekly Updates

Team Sequoia,

Congratulations to all Sequoia staff as we have arrived at the "Last Week of School". Keep up the great work in the classrooms and make sure you have fun and enjoy the closing of another great year at Sequoia Middle School.

What a great turnout to honor Sue, Shaune and Rowena on Friday at Back 40. There was Good Food, Good People and Adult Beverages! Thanks to everyone that attended and help support the event! Congratulations to our Retirees!

On Saturday 220 of our favorite 8th graders had a great time at the 8th grade party at Clayton Bowl. Highlights included Fred Toth crushing us in Bowling, and a wonderful DVD produced by the Yearbook class that they presented. A big thanks to Claudia for working so hard with the 8th grade parent volunteers to run the event. Thanks to Susan, Jane, Lisa, Fred and Becca for attending the event.

Last week of school:

I will send a detailed daily calendar of events from school on Monday. The will include the final times for 6th and 7th grade awards, Yearbook distribution, Promotion Practice, 8th Grade Picnic, Yearbook Signing, Promotion, and the Last Day of School. Sorry for the delay.

Grading Window/End of Year Grades:

Our grading window will close on Monday, June 13th at midnight. Please make sure grades for both the 4th Quarter and 2nd Semester are complete. We will do a little review of the grading procedures on Wednesday at the staff meeting.


We are done. All told we had 25 tests out of 4000 not completed and that included the students that opted out and a student that has left for the year. Thanks to everyone who proctored, or let students out of class for make-up's . I am excited to see the growth of our students over the past two years.


Lisa and I went to a great workshop on EADMS (which is the new OARS) for data management. The program is web based and was pretty easy to navigate. Also, it has a built in relationship with AERIES.NET, and is very easy to move back and forth between the two. We will do a little demo on Wednesday.

Summer Resources for students:

Thanks for everyone's input on this. We are working to have this done by the end of the week.

Meetings this week:

Wednesday, June 8th Staff Meeting 1:15 Social, Meeting 1:30 - 2:15 in Tech Lab

Duty Schedule- Week of June 6th

End of year duty Schedule - Thanks for keeping our kids safe.

DUTY SCHEDULE June 6th - 10th


Please report to your location at the assigned time OR switch with another teacher.

(If you switch, please let administration know)

AM = 7:40 - 7:55 PM = 2:35 - 2:50

1:00 – 1:20 on Wednesday

AM = 7:40 - 7:55 PM = 2:35 - 2:50

1:00 – 1:20 On Wednesday

AM Parking & Crossing PM Parking & Crossing

Flores Coventry Byle Warholic

AM Corridors & Field PM Corridors & Field

Perlberg Kirshen Hackett Willner

AM Front of School PM Front of School

Dodson Lomax Bolt Lynch Mendoza

AM Blacktop & MUR PM Blacktop & MUR

Iglesias Batson Kim Landesvatter Mangelsdorf

Homework Club Schedule, Upcoming Events, Principal Goals, Calendar

Principal Goals for 2015-2016

· Improve Communication/Outreach to all Sequoia Stakeholders

· Continued growth and implementation of Common Core Standards across the curriculum (rigor, writing, conceptual understanding, critical thinking)

· Create Meaningful Collaborative Opportunities for Students, Teachers, Schools

· Develop High Expectations for All Students (Support Students to Meet Them)

· Use Technology to Extend/Re-Define Learning Opportunities for Students

What I am working on:

- End of the year events

- Registration process for August

Weekly Calendar of Events -

June 7th - 6th Grade Awards 8:15 am, 7th Grade Awards 9:45 am

June 8th - Staff Meeting, 1:30

June 9th - Promotion Practice, 8th Grade Picnic, Yearbook signing

June 10th - Friday, Promotion/Last Day of school

Click below for Master Calendar