My Stress Release

By Esequiel Guzman


It is important to be stress because life is better by always being positive and happy.

I want to wrestle nationals and get a nationals bracket and medal.

My favriote quote is "If you're not first you're last"

Table of Contents

  • Ch.1 Stressors
  • Ch.2 Take care of myself
  • Ch.3 learn to relax
  • Ch.4 Change my attitude
  • Ch.5 Manage my time
  • Ch.6 Laughter

Change your attitude

  • I like being funny
  • I like being athletic
  • I like being talkative
  • I like being a gamer
  • I like being a hard worker
  • When i never got a bracket in wrestling and i always wanted one so i worked harder and harder and the next tournament we had i took first (: .

Manage your time

  • Doing homework at school
  • Only hang out with friends like 3 times a week
  • Practice for sports as soon as possoble
  • Work out sundays and saturdays
  • Pay attention


  • My friends
  • Stupid videos
  • Vines
  • Jokes
  • Kevins laugh