You're almost a junior!

Happy Summer IB Class of 2015

Summer School?

It's not too late to sign up for summer school if you need to take speech, foundations (for PE credit), government, economics, or art. See me for an application at BHS through Friday. You can also still register Monday, June 3rd at M.C. Harris. Summer School lasts just 8 days, so you'll still have plenty of time for summer fun.

Adventure ahead ...

I am so excited that you are about to begin your first year as an IB Diploma Candidate and become part of an emerging tradition of excellence at Bryan High.

I am beginning an adventure of my own having made the very difficult decision to leave BHS and move to Austin to be closer to my really cute and funny nephew. I don't know yet who will be taking my place, but I feel confident that you will be in good hands.

You can find me at Bryan High (or at M.C. Harris during summer school) through June 12th; after that time, feel free to email me at if I can help you with anything. If you have changes to make to your schedule, I'd like a chance to do so before I leave.

I will miss BHS and the opportunity to continue to get to know you and support you through the IB years. Best wishes to each of you.

~ heidi sauer ~