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December Update 12-1-22

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December Update!

Wildcat Community,

I cannot say thank you enough times for how successful you have made the Turkeys for Teachers campaign go for the last two years. We reached our goal in just over two days!!! Your generosity is so appreciated by all of the Crimson Point Staff!

Starting December 5th we will begin collecting items for our annual canned food drive. The weekend backpack program relies heavily on donations from this food drive. We love seeing items that are kid-friendly, anything an elementary student can eat without the support of an adult. We also take any items that can be used for holiday meals and donate them to the Kuna FFA for their holiday meal baskets. Items will be collected from December 5th - 9th. We will track all of our donations and we will reward the primary and intermediate class with the most donations with a pizza party!

Possible donation ideas:

Canned Soup, Freezer items, Flour, Sugar, Breakfast cereals, Chili, Rice, Snack foods, Sugar, Fruit snacks. Nuts, Granola bars, Flour, Canned and dry beans, Christmas dinner Items, Be Creative!

“Don’t have a good day, have a grrreat day!”

Mr. Jensen

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Did you Know - Chronic Early Absence is Connected to Poor Long-Term Academic Outcomes.

Chronic absence in kindergarten leads to lower levels of literacy in first grade and leads to lower achievement as far out as fifth grade.

"A Rhode Island Data Hub analysis found that compared to kindergartners who attend regularly, those chronically absent:"

  • "Scored 20% lower in reading and math in later grades and the gap grows"
  • "2X more likely to be retained in grade."
  • "2X more likely to be suspended by the end of 7th Grade."
  • "Likely to continue being chronically absent."

Since Covid school attendance has been a big issue. Students are expected to be in school for 90% of the school year. Everything our teachers do builds on itself from prior lessons so every missed day is a big deal.

Parents, please do all you can to make sure students are attending school and on time daily.

Parent Involvment at home suggestion!

Act out a scene

Head over to your local library and help your child pick out a book with a scene to act out, perhaps related to their favorite movie or TV show. Flip through the pages while you write down all the characters’ names and learn more about their personalities, challenges, and desires. Encourage your child to assign each of these character roles to the family (even the narrator can be a role!). If you have the time, find fun costumes for each character. Then, as a family, read the book slowly and act it out together. Use the Eye-Lighter as a tool to help your child read without losing their place. Storytime has never been this much fun!

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Drop off and Pick ups


If you prefer to not use our drive-through drop-off and pick-up system, please start picking up your student away from the front of our school. We are having issues with cars parking on Shayla and creating too tight of a space for cars lining up to enter the parking lot. It also is a huge safety concern for kids running across Shayla. There are three exits from our campus that go directly into the neighborhood. If you do not want to use the drop-off line, please start using those neighborhood exits to pick up your students.

In the mornings I am seeing more and more parents drop their kids off in the parking lot to avoid the line. For students safety kids are not allowed to cross the parking lot without supervision. Again, if you do not want to use the designed drop-off system, I encourage you to drop off in the neighborhood and allow your student to walk using the sidewalks.

Always remember, please pull forward. Even if it is raining, if there is space in front of you pull as far forward as possible so we can drop off or load as many students as possible.

Important Upcoming Dates

December 2: Report Cards Emailed home

December 6: Picture Retakes - Only students whose parents ask will have their pictures taken.

December 7: Wildcat Market

December 16: Sweet Treat Friday - PTA

December 21-January 3rd : Winter Break

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Crimson Point Office Hours and Contact

Our office is open daily from 8:00-4:00. Please call us if you have any questions or if there are changes to your child's schedule or information.