By: Jacob Tackett

To accept everyone, no matter how they look.

The story starts in an orphanage where one of the Sophie, gets taken away by a big giant also known as the BFG. The giant can listen to things no human can hear. The giant gets dreams that he can blows into children's rooms. One night when he was blowing a dream into a child's room he heard a person. He saw it was a little girl that lived in an orphanage named Sophie.

The BFG took Sophie out of her bed and brought her into a place that wasn't even in the atlas. She was taken into a cave his cave. It was huge and had a giant desk and chair. Inside the cave was also a shelf that was filled with bottles of dreams. Sophie thought the BFG was going to eat her, but instead the BFG told Sophie about the other people eating giants and what kind of person they prefere. So then Sophie understood that the BFG was a friendly non-eating child giant.The BFG told Sophie what the child-eating giants names were. The child eating giants were the Fleshlumpeater, Childchewer, Bonecruncher, Manhugger, Meatdripper, Maidmasher, Gizzardgulper, Bloodbottler and Butcher Boy. The BFG wasn't one of them because he disliked their ways and BFG is short for Big Friendly Giant.

The BFG and Sophie went off to England to find the Queen. The Queen commanded the Head of the Army's to help capture the nine giants. The commander and the BFG took the hole squad of giants down. literally they put them in a hole that even if the giants stand on each other they are still not tall enough to reach the top. For the BFG he got to get a castle big enough for him to stand in right next to the Queen's castle as a reward. For Sophie there was a cottage right in between the Queen's castle and the BFG's castle as reward for her.


The Setting of the BFG starts of at an orphanage where Sophie lives. Then it moves on to the BFG's house and finally the story moves on to the Queens Castle. This happens all in England after Sophie's father dies in World War II.

Conflict and Resolution

the main conflict in the BFG is that nine other giants are running off every night to go eat a few humans each. To fix that the BFG and Sophie go to the Queen of england for help. After a while they got her to believe them and to help them. First the queen has to find a place to put the giants. She ends up putting them in a huge hole so that even if they all stand on top of each other they still couldn't get out. Then queen gets all her best military including tanks and helicopters to follow the BFG out to where the other giants are. Then while they are sleeping the tie up all of the giants and drag them to the hole. With this accomplished the queen gives the BFG and Sophie both brand new houses to live in.

About the Author

The BFG was written by Roald Dahl. He was Born in Wales and live from 1916-1990. He served in the British Royal Air Force during World War II and became a Flying Ace and a Intelligence Officer. He wrote Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, The Twits, The BFG, The Witches, And many more. After all of these things Roald Dahl became a very famous Writter for adults and children. He is considered one of the most beloved storytellers and his popularity continues to increase.


  • "Don't gobblefunk around with those words."
  • "Two rights don't equal a left."
  • "What I mean and what I say are two way different things."
  • "You is gettin noisier then a parker."
  • "Me is the only one what won't be gobbled up because giant is never eatin giants."