Enhancing teachers competences

with innovative frameworks and methodologies (KAIZEN)


To elaborate a KA2 Strategic Innovation proposal the Ümitköy Girls, Anatolian Imam Hatip High School requested to Dr Kevser Çinar (Necmettin Erkaban University) and Daniel Weiss (Stichting for Education on Agility Liberating Structures) to run a workshop to measure the impact of innovative methodologies on education.

• I liked the idea of explaining everything which wants to be said by making ducks with the 6 piece lego and ball game. The board which was about the in-team dynamics attracted my attention a lot.

• The most interesting point that drew my attention was the way how Mr.Weiss and Mrs Çınar were acting so full of devotion and sacrifice to make us active throughout the workshop, and I had the chance to realise how I had put my sense of imagination on the back burner.

LSP class content

I saw how using different methods and techniques by thinking about the students’ individual differences and especially visualisation the knowledge fastens the learning process.

· I remembered again how everybody is different. I realised that product-focused works do not reflect the whole process.

Big picture
Big picture

Because my lesson is nothing more than narration, I think it would add mobility, cooperation, group energy to my experiences, and I also believe my lessons will pass in a more understandable and student-oriented way.

Yes, I can apply it, but much preparation has to be made beforehand. So the thinking and the preparation part a little bit makes me anxious. I am not sure if I could handle it and be that energetic every time. But once I get used to the thinking concept, I will be able to put forward fantastic jobs. I think it is a matter of changing the teaching habits and getting used to it.

Workshop Participants Teachers

Emel Emiroğlu- Arabic teacher

Armağan Güçlü -IT teacher

Ayşe Özdemir- Social Studies teacher

Burcu Kurada-Biology Teacher

Dilek Halaçlı - Literature Teacher

Kübra Altinsoy- Science Teacher

Kübra İşlek - Mathematics Teacher

Neslihan Ürgüp - Mathematics Teacher

Öznur Özsoy- Mathematics Teacher

Gülsüm Öztürk- Philosphy Teacher

Yasemin Şenpolat- Science Teacher

Elbi Doğan- Physical Education teacher

Büşra Özügül -deputy director

,vocational ed. teacher

Güler Kaplan- Geography Teacher

Hatice Seher Özpehriz- ELT Teacher

Ümitköy Girls Anatolian Imam Hatip High School

Workshop December 4th 2018 Bridging Innovation on Education

Ümitköy Girls Anatolian Imam Hatip High and Secondary School is a school which gives education to girls only. It is a Project-based school which it’s main focus is to develop projects on especially science and social studies. As it is a Imam Hatip school, our school’s aim is to educate our students on theological (religious/islamic) issues. As UGAIHHS, our mission is to raise students who could adapt to the 21st century’s proficiencies.