The Battle That Changed Everything


D-day took place on 5 French beaches with the allies fighting Germans who invaded France. After the battle around 9,000 allies were dead. D-day was a huge thing in World War 2 and a big win for the allies. Even today it is remembered as a gruesome battle
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The Battle

June 6th 1944 156,000 allies attacked 5 French beaches controlled by the Germans forces. This battle was called Operation Overlord also known as D-day. Nearly 2 million Soldier’s, sailors, and airmen were involved and the U.S. shipped nearly 7 million tons of supplies. D-day is a military term of major attack.
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The allies won and the Germans took a loss in the war. After the battle about 9,000 allies were dead. Their bodies now lie in the American cemetery. The allies won World War 2 and one reason was because we won D-day.


D-day took place in 1944 June 6th were the allies fought the German’s. The allies won and the Germans lost. Now there are 9,386 graves in the American cemetery. D-day was a big win in the war but a huge leap in our nation. We should always remember the people who fought for our freedom especially the men from D-day http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/d-day