Sock Segregation

By Jacob Newton


The plot of my play is about the segregation of people based on the socks people wear. People that were knee high socks are being constantly talked down to be people that were regular socks. Each group hates one another and the people that do talk down to the other groups are called sockist.

The main character of this plays name is John and he has made a friend names Carlson who wears knew high socks. Throughout the play John has to struggle with himself to decide what is right and wrong and wether he should keep being friends with a knee high.


John is a young man who has a just turned 17, his family has always been an ankle socks wearing family that has been against those that wear knee high socks. John has never been against those that wear knee high socks but has never hung out with any because of his family. However when he does become friends with a knee high and his family disapproves what path will he take?


Carlson is a knee high wearing boy who lives on the street, he meets John in a street fight and end sup helping him out in the end. Carlson has never been against anyone that wears different socks.

What will come of segregation?