By: Daniel Njogu, Andrew Reyes 2nd, Jackson Jones

Clothing Fashion and Fads

They mostly wear fancy clothes, The women wear dresses and the men wear suits. Fedora's and sun hats were popular during the time, Slicking back your hair and dressing in formal clothing was very popular during the time.


"I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand." By Al Capone.

"When I sell liquor, its called bootlegging; when my patrons serve it on Lake Shore Drive, its called hospitality" By Al Capone

First Two Piece Swimsuit

The two piece swimsuit was popular during the 50's but they were first introduced in the 40's time period


Movies such as Scar-face, and The Godfather were movies made to make the viewer aware of the life of mobsters and the mafia, Men like Al Capone [scar-face] were the stars of the movies since they had such a big role in the prohibition time period.

List of Movies


-Great Gatsby

-Dick Tracey

-Escape Alcatraz



Men were still pretty dressed up. Suits, ties and hats were commonplace in public. Women wore dresses and skirts — they still didn’t wear slacks yet. Women also wore matching gloves with their outfits and animal furs and skins were popular prints for shoes purses and scarves.

Popular Colors:

Bright colors were big in the 40's but the most popular choices were Red, White, and Blue

which are also the colors that represent our nation's flag.

Influences on 1900-40's Fashion

WW2- During the war a lot of women and men that were not fighting ended up working in factories, to manufacture weapons and ammunition for the soldiers on the field, So its major influence on clothing was overalls and bowler hats or factory clothing, such as bandanas and denim.

Bootlegging- Prohibition was a time when alcohol was deemed illegal in the united states so people like Al Capone sought out fortune by sneaking in alcohol and sell it to patrons that sold it among the people of the united states, during this time gangs and mobs formed and one influence these had on fashion were Fedoras, Trench coats, and Dress suits.

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