Benton Weekly Update

Week 13: November 9-13, 2020

Giving Thanks, Appreciation, and Kindness.

Our ASB/Leadership students kicked off the canned food drive last week, and the competition is on to see which Period 1A class donates the most. Students can drop off canned goods to the box in front of the school office throughout the month of November. While the competition for a late work pass is an incentive for the winning class, our Wolverines are learning to care about and give to others in need.

There is no school on Wednesday this week as we observe Veterans' Day, thanking and honoring those who serve our country in the Armed Forces.

Friday is National World Kindness Day. What can you and your family do to show kindness to others?


  • The PTSA will continue to collect clothing all year, donations can be placed in the green and white USAgain bin located near the big sliding gate in the school parking lot.

What's up this week?

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Coffee with the Principal

Tuesday, 8:00am-8:30am.

Chat with the Principal, Mr. Webster, via zoom at this link.

Veterans' Day Wednesday, November 11

No school on Wednesday as we honor our Veterans and all who have served.

World Kindness Day

Friday, November 13th. In a world where you can be anything, be kind! Some ideas are linked here.
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Maria Martinez ~ World Renowned Potter

This week's artist of Native American heritage is Maria Martinez (1884 - 1980). Maria was of Tewa heritage from the San Ildefonso Pueblo in the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico. She became world-renowned for her black-on-black pottery. Maria rediscovered the art of making black pottery after an archaeologist had uncovered black pottery shards from the 17th century. She found that smothering a cool fire with dried cow manure trapped the smoke, and that by using a special type of paint on top of a burnished surface, in combination with trapping the smoke and the low temperature of the fire, resulted in turning a red-clay-pot black.

Maria was always deeply connected with her pueblo of San Ildefonso and with the traditional life of a tribal member, partaking in tribal ceremonies and religious activities. Although she was successful in Santa Fe selling her pottery, she preferred living in her ancestral home. Maria was very unselfish with her talent, and she gave pottery lessons to other women in her village as well as in to potters in neighboring pueblos, thereby providing a new source of income to many.

Maria Martinez became so admired for her skill that she was specially invited to the White House four times, and she received honorary doctorates from the University of Colorado and New Mexico State University. She is considered one of the most influential Native Americans of the 20th century.

Spotlight on Learning: 8th Grade Social Science

Now that the 2020 election is (almost) a wrap, you might want to know what led to the Revolutionary War that gave rise to the United States of America. Mr. Easton's 8th grade Social Science students have learned about the causes of the Revolution and created projects to explain it in terms that people (and kids) today can understand. Below is Kalea's amazing project!
History, but ✨memeified✨ | YankeyPeaches

Spotlight on Learning: Studio Art

Have you wondered how you teach Art in an online format? Ms. Hodge has created a Bitmoji classroom with engaging links to learning. So the next time your student says, "that's so surreal", or talks about Bitmojis, you'll know what they mean when you view these two lessons from Studio Art.
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Join the Benton Dance Club!

Dance Instructor Miss Toni will be offering dance instruction Monday-Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 via zoom. We know many students' regular activities have been cancelled in this time of COVID-19 and the school wanted to offer some additional recreation to students in the afternoon. All students are welcome to join and it is completely free for the students. If you are interested in joining the Benton Dance Club, please use this link.

Weekly Wellness

Hello Everyone,

A lot is going on in the world. One of them being COVID cases rising again. We are all being impacted by COVID-19 and I want to know how it has impacted you since the start of it in March.

Also, with that being said, it is National World Kindness Day this Friday. What is one way you can spread kindness in the world?

You can share your thoughts with me at this link.

I hope you have a great week!

Ms. Allie

If you're feeling the need for regular counseling, have your parents complete the consent form linked here, and contact Ms. Ridgeway to complete a referral form.

You can also check out the District's Mental Health and Wellness website for more resources to support students and families during this difficult time.

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Contests, Contests, Contests!

Have you joined the Benton PTSA yet? The PTSA does a lot to support our students, and your support of them is vital! Can we get more parents joining this year than last? Coming up soon we will have Benton Restaurant Night fundraisers, but we're currently engaged in a Battle of the Schools for clothing donations. If you've cleaned out your closets and are looking for someplace to donate them, look no further than the green and white USAgain bin located near the big sliding gate in the school parking lot.

Speaking of contests...

There are several opportunities for students, see links below:

  • LA County Public Library Bookmark Contest Ends 11/15
  • Lions International Peace Poster Contest Ends 11/15

Distance Learning Support

Family Support Portal

These links might be helpful.

They can be found under the new tab on our website,

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