Popplet Challenge

Whenever you create, SHARE! Whenever you learn, TEACH!

All About Popplet

Popplet is both a website and an app that allow students to mind map thoughts and ideas in a very visual way. Users can add text, drawings, and photos and then link them together to create a organized flow of ideas.

Your Task!

1. Log into your Popplet account (if on web) and click on “make new


2. Double click anywhere on the screen to create a popple. Add text and images to explain your topic. Click on one of the four gray circles to add another popple.

3. Keep adding popples to finish explaining your topic.

4. Save to your camera roll by clicking export in the top right of the screen.

Here's how teachers are using Popplet!

  • Diagram the main ideas from an article/story
  • Visualize a group brainstorm
  • Timelines
  • Organize steps of an experiment