If You Could Travel

Where Would You Want to GO!

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* Wanted: Travel and Hospitality professionals interested in working within the hotel and travel industry

* Come see how National Hotels Association has Revolutionized the Travel and Hotel industry. http://nationalhotelsassociation.com/demo-videos/

* Travel and Hotel Industry is now leading the market over the Real Estate and Mortgage industry! Take a sneak peek! http://nationalhotelsassociation.com/nha-career-powerpoint/

Corporate Leads Available!

Work From Your Home Office! Don't Wait Until the New Year...Start Today!

Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 7am to Thursday, Nov. 28th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Please send resume to hr@nha.travel ask for: Miguel Martinez

* Travel and Hotel Benefit Packages Included, after your first 30days

* Health Insurance Available

* Commission Paid Weekly


5 Day Training

* Valid ID

* 25 & up

* Bilingue A plus

Product Knowledge

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