different types

what are the different types of monitors?

Most desktop displays use liquid crystal display (LCD) or cathode ray tube (CRT) technology.

Two measures describe the size of your display: the aspect ratio and the screen size.All types of displays include a projection surface, commonly referred to as the screen.The way in which the screen size is measured for CRT and LCD monitors is different. For CRT monitors, screen size is measured diagonally from outside edges of the display casing. karl Ferdinan invented the first LCD monitor.A computer monitor works like your television in that it receives a signal from a source, in this case a video card, and relays the data received, on to the screen. Your computer monitor, video card, and operating system all work together, to product what is displayed on the screen. LCD monitors also give less eyestrain because they don't display a flicker like CRT monitors do. And they are more adjustable -- you can adjust the height, tilt or swivel them.

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