Mrs. Arrington's Course Updates

Assignments due today!

Important Dates

Oct. 10: Assignment Due Date

Oct 14: Adobe session with Mrs. Arrington

CCGPS Analytic Geometry AB students: Very Important

Students are required to take the Georgia Milestones (EOCTs) at their face to face school. Tests will not count towards the final grade. All GaVS students will take a final exam in their course(s).
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Student Email Etiquette Reminders:

  1. Consider your "tone" - Be sure to word your email in a polite and respectful manner.
  2. Be courteous, not demanding. Your teachers appreciate it when you use your manners. If you feel that there is a discrepancy with your grades, notify your teacher in a courteous manner and request that the teacher explain why you received the grade that you did. Many times, the feedback in the dropbox will answer this question before you have to ask it.
  3. Communicate all of the necessary information. If you are asking a question about a particular assignment, identify the course name and the assignment in which you are referring to in the email. Your teachers often teach multiple classes with many students and this information can may a response much faster.
  4. Remember - all emails are considered official communication and are documented. Do not say things in an email that you know is offensive, inappropriate or rude.