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Carpet Professional in Cambridge MA

Carpet cleaning can be done by anyone, with the help of a professional required for the more complicated mess that you might not be able to handle by yourself. With this in mind, many people decide to handle carpet stains by themselves, which is perfectly fine. The thing is that many people tend to neglect some do’s and don'ts related to carpet cleaning, resulting in either still dirty carpets, or ones that are discolored and damaged beyond repair. It’s important to keep many things about carpet cleaning in mind, such as what you should and should not do.

An important DO is to clean carpet stains starting from the outside and then making your way inside. This will help you minimize the spread of the stain, especially if it’s caused by a liquid and can make a worse mess that you will have to spend more time cleaning. DON’T wipe carpet stains, since this could also cause it to spread further. Blot the stain instead. If it’s already hard or dry, you should pour a little cold water to loosen it up before proceeding to blot it all up.

DO use the right product for your carpet. Carpet fibers are made of different kinds of fibers, ranging from natural materials like wool to synthetic ones like nylon. What works for one type might not be effective on the other, which means that cleaners for synthetic carpets are made to be too harsh for natural fibers and could discolor them. The dye on your carpet could even bleed out. Another bad thing is that it could stain the floor permanently because of that same dye.

DO vacuum regularly to keep your carpets clean. This will keep them clean and hygienic, so bacteria won’t form and mold won’t try to thrive in your carpet. Just the simple tasks of maintaining and keeping it clean will help in prolonging the life of your carpet. DON’T forget to handle and treat stains as soon as possible so that they won’t harden or dry up. In addition, they will go deeper and deeper into the surface of your carpet. This will make the stain removal process more difficult.

When it comes to caring for your carpet, DON’T leave your furniture in the same position for a longer period of time. Typically, this will dent your carpet, which can usually be remedied by rearranging furniture and steaming or putting some ice on the dent. If you leave it for too long though, it’s not just a dent that you’re dealing with. The carpet pile will basically be crushed or compressed and you can’t do anything much to remove the dent and get it back to how it was before.

Knowing what you should and what you should not even dare do is important to make sure that you don’t cause further damage to your carpet when you’re only trying to take care of it. Consult a professional if you need to. Living in Cambridge, MA? Why not try