Maui Beach Spa Day!


Experience your truly blissful self...LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!

TREAT yourself to a luxurious day of INDULGENCE on the beautiful shores of Maui! Dip into the cool waters under the warm golden sun restoring balance and honoring your beauty! Pamper yourself with Hawaiian inspired and locally sourced EDIBLE beauty treatments for your entire body! Connect with friends, nibble on fresh fruit, sip aromatic elixirs, share stories and enjoy contemplations on woman hood, friendships, and emotional well being!

EXPAND your inner glow while exfoliating the outer skin...Shed what does not serve you or the world!

Maui Beach Spa Day!

Saturday, Dec. 21st, 9:30am

White Rock Beach, Wailea-Makena, HI

Wailea-Makena, HI

When you arrive at the location please walk all the way down to the right of the beach if you are looking at the ocean. Please bring a hat, sunscreen, a sarong, sunglasses, water and any other beach attire you need:) There are umbrellas set up for shade. If you have an older, or darker bathing suit with you wear it. Otherwise wear whatever you have, I have never experienced anyone staining one, its just a precaution:) The Towels are provided along with snacks and refreshments...

Spa Treatment MENU

~Body Exfoliant/ Scrub: (all local, Hawaiian ingredients! ) *Sea salt, *Cacao Nib, *Papaya seeds, *Orange peel, *Coconut oil, *Kukui nut oil, *Cocoa butter, *Sandalwood essential oil

~Facial Cleanser/ Scrub: *ZenZiva's all organic herbal exfoliant

~Body/Hair Moisture Mask: *Fresh, local strawberries and papayas, *Ground papaya seeds, *Hawaiian coconut milk, *Raw, local honey, *Geranium essential oil.

~Facial Mositurizer: *ZenZiva's cell repair moisturizing serum/ skin protectant

~Eye Treatment: *ZenZiva's Organic Ghee and Special blend of essential oils formulated for renewal of delicate under eye skin.

~Face/Body Spritz: Pure Mineral water, *Rose water, *Vetiver essential oil, *Roman Chamomile essential oil, and *Bergamot essential oil.

~SUBJECT to change based on local produce

* represents organic ingredient

Please look over these recipes and advise if you have any issues with any ingredients, as they can be easily revised:)

Andrea Berset, Essential Wellness Educator


~Let LOVE be the driving force in your life!