Richmond Elementary Staff Bulletin

Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

January 29-February 2, 2018

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I BELIEVE You Matter!!

I Believe in Seeing the Problem, Owning the Problem

We believe in you matter, we believe in relationships, we believe in helping others be successful, we believe in living above the line, and we believe in keeping our day. This month, our focus combines these Top 20 facets with See the Problem, Own the Problem.

Fear Factor. Mike and Mary are beginning a plan that embraces our fears of technology. They know, and we know, that our fears are real. We have seen the problem. Now we will own it. We will work collaboratively to solve our fears of technology. What about our other fears? William Kamkwamba began the clip with his hurdles: having never used a computer or seen an internet, being faced with dried fields, dropping out of school, not speaking English, and being surrounded by white people. He faced a future he did could not agree with, a problem he needed to solve. Taking ownership of the problem, Kamkwamba went to the library, created a plan, and went to great lengths to build a machine that created electricity and pumped water. This week's challenge: See a Problem. Own the Problem. Solve the Problem. Work with others (Validate You Matter, Practice Believing in Relationships.) Help Others be Successful (What problems are teammates solving?) At the end of the day February 2nd, will you be able to say "I tried. And I made it?" As Kamkwamba so eloquently stated, "Trust yourself and believe. Whatever happens, don't give up." I believe in you; you should too.

Winter Wonderland Week

Monday, January 29th: Pajama Day and Global School Play Day with family groups. Students should bring in board games to play with their family groups on Monday. Family groups are from 1:15-2:30.

Tuesday, January 30th: Twin Day (dress the same as a friend)

Wednesday, January 31st: Rainbow Day (wear as many colors as you can)

Thursday, February 1st: Wild About Reading: Wacky Hair Day and Mystery Reader begins today! Just a little reminder to go to Kelly's classroom to read. At this time, ZERO people have come to be a mystery reader.

Friday, February 2nd: Comfy Day (wear sweatpants and sweatshirts)

Groundhog Day: Build a fort and read in it. Winter Carnival tonight!


To all of our Richmond Elementary Family, Thank you for supporting one another during these times of loss and illnesses. Thank You for making a difference today to create a better tomorrow!

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Reading is Our Super Power!

This week we continue to focus on our World's Best Workforce reading goals in combination with I Love to Read Month, which begins Thursday. Creating Trading Cards for favorite characters is a fun, interactive way to bring narrative elements to life for our students regardless of age. Note in the sample below the Depth of Knowledge levels hidden within the simplistic format of the card. From recalling basic facts presented in the text to creating inferences and citing textual evidence, this activity will score a reading home-run with each of our students (feel free to adapt for age appropriateness in the related resources tab.) To read more about the activity and utilize the resource, please see this link:



  • District Character Education Meeting 7:15 HS A134
  • SEL Webinar 12:00


  • Marzano Webinar 2:00
  • Building RtI 2:50 Media
  • Elementary Principal Meeting 1:00 Board Room
  • HS ALC Meeting 2:30


  • Elementary Science Subcommittee 3:00 CSE Media Center


  • District Staff Development 7:00 DO
  • Winter Carnival 6:00-7:30 Gymnasium

Upcoming Important Dates

January 29- February 2: Winter Wonderland Week

February 1: I Love to Read Month Kickoff

February 2: Winter Carnival at Richmond Elementary (6:00-7:30 PM)

February 15: Building Staff Development Day (no school)

February 16, 19: Presidents' Day Holidays (no school)

April 28: Richmond Elementary Color Run at Centennial Park

May 17: Spring Family Picnic at Lions Park 5pm


District Level

RtI CI (Curriculum and Instruction)SD (Staff Development)Technology
  • Referendum passed!!
Teacher Evaluation

Building Level

Staff Meeting

  • Meeting 2/5 at 7:30 Media
  • Meeting 2/14 7:35 Media
  • Meeting 2/28 2:50 Kelly's Room
  • Meeting 2/27 2:50 Media