Ten Commandments of Stress

Corbin Hulbert 2nd Period

#1 Listen to music.

If at times school, work, or even life becomes to much take a few minutes and go into a quiet room, put your headphones in and just listen to music for a little bit and drown everything else.

#2 Write.

A lot of the times words out loud are harder to say than when you write them down. When you feel like you're going to explode from stress or anxiety write it down. Write exactly what you're feeling down.

#3 Take a breath.

It gets hard to breathe sometimes so take a minute to gather yourself and take a deep breath. In for four seconds hold for four seconds and let out for eight.

#4 Draw.

A lot of the best art comes from artist with stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Draw something even if its a stick figure.

#5 Take a nap.

Take a nap. Sometimes even if its just for a half an hour. Throughout the day its okay to run out of energy and take a cat nap to gain some energy back.

#6 Talk to someone you can trust.

It's not good to hold everything in. Find someone you trust and just tell them how you feel. Ask them to let you vent.

#7 Sticky notes.

My mom use to leave daily reminders around the house for me on sticky notes. Just simple things that would help me through the day or in the morning when I was getting ready for school. For example some of them would say "I am kind and loving to myself." "I am strong." "Don't forget to smile." They helped me out a lot. Leave stinky notes around your room or house giving you positive vibes.

#8 Find something to smile about at least once a day.

I've found the more I have tried to find something to actually smile about the more that I have started smiling more realizing the little things in life are some of the best moments or parts about the world and life.

#9 Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

I have a lot of fears but the more I push myself to do something the less scary it gets every time. Eventually my list of fears wont be a long and it will be easier to do daily life things and I will be less stressed so much.

#10 Try not to think about the bad so much.

I have a tendency to focus on the bad or fear for the bad. Because of that I'm constantly scared people will walk out of my life so I don't really get close. I have realized that I can't live that way though otherwise I'll be alone. You have to take risk because the more you fear the more you stress and are anxious about things.