What's Falling From The Clouds ?


Piles of fluff

There are many different types of clouds. Some are gray some are white but they're all different. Some of the types of clouds are Cumulo, Cirro, Alto, Nimbus, and Stratus.
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Weird Names

You probably don't know why they have weird names but they're actually Latin words. Latin is an extinct language but a lot of languages are based off of it.

What They Mean

The clouds names reflect what they look like,so lets find out what they really mean. Cumulo means pile, Cirro means curl, Alto means middle, Nimbus means rain, and Stratus means layered.

Falling Water

Precipitation is when ice crystals and water droplets form in clouds and fall to Earth in a form of water. The types of precipitation are rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

Wet Rain

Clouds are a mixture of ice crystals and supercooled water droplets (the droplets are below freezing but are still a liquid). When the cloud gets too heavy it falls as ice but if the air is more than 32°F it will turn to rain.

White Snow

All precipitation forms in clouds so snow is formed like rain except the air is less than 32°F.

Slippery Sleet

Sleet is forms when rain falls through a thick layer of very cold air and freezes before reaching the ground but isn't hail.

Hurling Hail

Hailstones form in violent thunderstorms when ice crystals fall through supercooled water droplets forming lots of layers and fall to Earth as ice.

Cause And Effect

Precipitation can cause lots of damage to buildings hail can be the size of softballs,snow can make hard to drive, and rain can cause floods and all of this comes out of clouds.

Complicated Process

Even though you can't see it a very complicated process goes on in a cloud wether it's rain,snow,sleet, or hail it all happens in a cloud.

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