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Staple (common) Foods and Equipment

French cuisine is famous around the globe due to its fascinating and peculiar dishes. If you are going on a tour to France or inspecting the dishes at a local French restaurant, many of the terms might seem unfamiliar. There is a list of a few of the most typical French dishes and their ingredients in order to aid you to make a more acquainted decision.
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Strengths of France's Diet

Portion Control: The French diet can be concluded into one sentence: eat small quantities of high-quality foods less often

Think quality and not quantity: The French enjoy eating their food 90% of times

Savor the flavor: The French eat three meals a day. Their fast-foods are large in comparison to Canadian fast-foods

Benefits of French Diet:

- The French get nearly 39% of their energy from fat including 16% from saturated fat.

- Butter is a source of 30% of saturated fat

- The fiber consumption is nearly at a low point and the French eat fewer cereals, fruits, nuts, beans and rice than the majority of European countries.

- Saturated fats and other cholesterol in French foods which are found in conventional animal products helps to improve our health rather than weaken it

- If one is indulged in the French diet, he/she will experience low rates or almost no cardiovascular disease at all

Celebration Involving French Food Culture

Here is a list of French celebrations in chronological order.

Eating Patterns

French eating cultures and times are very consistent throughout the country. Meal hours in France are reasonably expected and it is unusual to find people eating during times other than the scheduled hours.

Crops That are Grown In France

France is the #1 agriculture power that dominates the European Union. With a profit of 61 billion euros gained from agricultural production, it produces 19% of European agricultural products and has the greatest agricultural field.

Ingredients for Foie Gras

- 1 whole raw Grade A duck or goose foie gras at room temperature cleansed and shrimped

- 4 tablespoons of kosher salt

- 1/2 teaspoon of newly ground white pepper

- 1/4 cup of Sauternes or 3 tablespoons of Armagnac

- Supplement: Grilled portions of pain de mie (compact white sandwich loaf) or baqutte

- Unique Equipment: 3 to 4 cups of cermaic terrain, 2C/3 inches deep (alternatively oval with a lid), a segment of cardboard shortened to squeeze in just inside top of terrine, encased well in plastic wrap and 3 pounds of weight which is approximately 1 or 2 large soup cans

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