Not at Hoopla?? Act Like You Are!

Keep updated and motivated from home!

Hoopla here we come...All of Us!

Hey ladies! So as I get ready to go to the airport for my flight to Hoopla I wanted to share everything with you so you can feel connected to! So there are some things I want you to do this week and weekend while I and some other ladies and tons of stylists are getting motivated, fired up and super excited about their business and the upcoming Fall Line and Season!

So first, here are ways to stay posted:

1. Of course our Facebook Team Page with be FLOODED with updates and pics from me! I will keep you up to date on all the exciting announcements that will be revealed so you are in the KNOW all the time just like you were there! I will also post pics of us on the team, Jessica Herrin and the new FALL PIECES which I believe you are most excited about!

2. I set up a Patter Account for our team! Its a super cute APP you can download for free and all of you should have gotten an email or message inviting you to join! Our Team Name should be: #SDHooplaSouthernBlingTeam so check your email and JOIN! You won't want to miss anything. If you didn't get the email let me know!

3. Instagram--that will be my best friend as far as posting pics too so make sure you check my instagram and I will hashtag everything #SDHooplaSouthernBlingTeam

4. Call, Email or Text Me Anytime! Really!

What should you do while we are at Hoopla!???

Okay ladies so here is what I want you to do tomorrow thru Saturday.....

1. Make a List of Dream/Fall Debut Hostesses.....make the list 15+ ppl! Rack your brain and don't think you have to be best friends with them (its always better when you are not best friends with them!!!)

2. Every day we are at Hoopla (Thursday-Sunday) reach out to 3-5 people a day.....I would say you MUST call because I know how effective it is but whatever you are comfortable with!

3. POST on our FB page or directly TEXT or EMAIL me your LIST and YOUR CONTACTS when you make them with your people everyday

4. There will be a prize for one of the luckily and motivated ladies who does this while I am gone...and it will be SWEEET!

It doesn't stop at Booking Shows! I want you to sponsor and grow this team too...thats what its all about when it comes to growing your business and income! That being said, do this...

1. Rack your brain and come up with 7+ girls you know who would be, might be, or you don't know if they would be, interested in being a stylist. (Try to look for people out of your area so you can tell them you want to expand your team to their area and someone to take over that area!) That always works and its true! I love having so many of you in different states....we are spreading the Stella and Dot and Southern Bling Team Love!

2. Reach out to all of them in one day or a few in a span of 2 days

3. Comment on our FB page, Email or Text me with your names and who you reached out to and again one of you who does this will get a SWEEEEEET Prize!

Sound good?????? Who's going to show up and do it and get excited with me??? I know I will be fired up for the next 3 days and I want you to be too!!