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Making Tuscany Extra Special!


Beautiful sounds are coming from the music rooms this year! Choir has started with 100 members strong preparing for the Veteran’s Day Program (November 11th) and our Community Tour (December 12th). More information will come soon about both activities. Always remember to wear your choir jersey for the performances. Fourth grade is busy preparing for our December PTA program “Twas the Night Before Christmas” (December 5th for two school assemblies and December 6th at 6:30 for the PTA program) Remember to wear a solid plain RED shirt and jeans for the program unless otherwise told. Fifth grade is playing ukuleles and having fun mastering three chords. Thank you to PTA and our North East Educational Foundation grant for two classroom sets of ukuleles. All grades are singing, dancing and having fun making music.

Keep Singing,

Mrs. Rivera and Mrs. L. Drake


Our year in P.E. is “bouncing” right along. We have enjoyed cooperation games and relays, fine motor stations and hockey. Please be on the lookout for your child’s fitness gram fitness test results. We are currently playing tetherball and volleyball in PE. We are looking forward to our annual fifth grade verses Teachers volleyball game at the end of October. Please consider volunteering for Field Day Friday, November 4th 8am-2:30pm. Please contact Kim House to sign up (cell 210-473-2420) or email (kimhouse1995@gmail.com). One quick reminder… all students should come to PE prepared to participate by wearing tennis shoes each day.

Yours in Fitness-

Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Burges


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Gifted and Talented

The Gifted & Talented program has been VERY busy during this first quarter of the year! One of our favorite activities is brain logic puzzles and perplexors, where we have been developing our convergent thinking skills with deductive reasoning activities. We have also spent time exploring the concept of Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset, and the implications this has had for historical figures, inventors, prominent world leaders, and even for ourselves - in the past, present and future. Each grade level has a different focus throughout our year together. Here are some highlights of what we have been working on:

5th Grade: The Science of Character, Personality Assessments, Asynchronous Development (superheroes and gifted students), McNay Art Museum field trip for Superheroes & Villains exhibit, Study of Equality.

4th Grade: Mysteries & Masterpieces, 7 Principles of Leonardo DaVinci, Chasing Vermeer Book Study

3rd Grade: Systems Thinking Models, Multiple Intelligence Theory, Study of the Brain

2nd Grade: 6 Hat Thinking (problem solving from multiple perspectives), Structures