By: Nicole

Occupation Description

Respond to emergencies ranging from a heart attack all the way to a car accident or shooting. They respond to any situation that needs "Emergency" service immediately. They are first on the scene of any incident and are able to work under great amounts of pressure.

Certification Necessary to Practice

  • Need to be licensed (varies by state)
  • Have to complete state approved CAAHEP program
  • Take Cognitive exam
  • Takes 1,200-1,800 hours

Daily Activities

At any moment they may:

  1. Attend medical emergencies
  2. Tend to patients on way to hospitals
  3. Give drugs to patients and perform invasive techniques
  4. Put patients on stretchers and lift them into ambulances to transport them
  5. Obtain patients past and present medical history
  6. Bring patients to the right medical facility
  7. Provide proper transportation of patients
  8. Daily vehicle/equipment checks
  9. Attend public events where emergencies are likely to occur
  10. Be prepared for the best and the worse of situations

Education Requirements

Have to be 18+

High School graduate

Undergo physical examination

Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B screening

EMT- Basic training

EMT- Intermediate training

Paramedic Training


Average income a year (Beginning and potential)

Beginning: 30,881

Average: 31,020

Potential: 39,223


Skills necessary to be successful in this profession

  • A caring nature
  • Highly developed communications skills
  • The capacity to remain calm, think clearly and act quickly in stressful situations
  • Teamwork and self-reliance
  • Adaptability
  • The ability to follow instructions and guidelines
  • A good level of health and physical fitness

Where would you work?



Some office buildings or construction places have on site paramedics

Football games (contact sports)


*** Wide range of places to work at***

Job outlook

From 2012 - 2022 the career of a Paramedic (EMT) is expected to increase by 23% which is much higher than most other occupations.
So you want to be an Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic