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Monday is "Alma Mater Monday" for our staff! We will be wearing our college gear or colors. Students can join in with their favorite team or college gear or colors as well!

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From the Broken Arrow PTA...

- Tad's Shaved Ice Dine & Donate is tonight from 3:30-10:00pm. Make
sure to mention that you are supporting Broken Arrow!
- Marathon Club kicked off on Thursday and the kids did a great job!
If your 1st-5th grader is interested in participating it's not too
late to sign up, see Mrs. Walthall in the office for the forms or
- Walk-a-thon packets were sent home with students today, see flyer
attached for more information. This is our biggest fundraiser of the
year and we appreciate your support!

Intervention is Starting!

Starting September 27th we will start our Intervention Groups. During this 30/45 minute period of time, your child will work in a small group on targeted skills based on our Fastbridge assessment, work independently on reviewing and practicing learned skills, or work on extension activities. If your child comes home talking about a “new” teacher, it’s because intervention groups have started! We will have students working together in grade-level bands to really focus on each student's needs. Your child may be with students or teachers from their grade level or students from the grade level below or above: K-1, 2-3, 4-5. As students gain skills and are ready to move on to their next challenge, teachers and groups will be adjusted. Teachers are not necessarily teaching skills specific to their grade level. So for instance, a first-grader with a kindergarten teacher does not necessarily mean they are working below their grade level. A fourth-grader with a fifth-grade teacher does not necessarily mean they are working above their grade level. Even on-grade-level students may have areas of growth we can focus on to move their learning forward, for example, although comprehension and decoding skills may be strong, some students may need extra support in fluency so that as they grow and read more difficult text they can do so as quickly and easily. The purpose of our intervention groups is to give students very specific, targeted instruction in their area of need to help each student learn as much as they possibly can. Our staff has been working diligently to put this system into action and we are very excited about the learning that will occur. This is a similar system to last year’s Power House Wednesday time, where after one day of intervention for nine weeks there were 476 times a student at BA moved into their next challenge skill. Imagine what we can do with this system in place every day for the rest of the year!!

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Bravo to Jodi Kennedy!

We had our first Family Bravo submitted for...Jodi Kennedy!

"I appreciate her attention to detail when supporting students' medical needs and her kind communication when reporting to parents. It's never fun to get a call from the school that your child is hurt. She put me at ease and knew exactly how to talk with me about my child and her needs. Thank you so much for supporting my child with her little accident and being so kind to me on the phone! You are outstanding!"

Click HERE if you want to submit a Broken Arrow Family Bravo for a staff member who has made a difference to your child and family! I cannot tell you how much kind words and hearing that we are making a difference would mean to the staff!