Pre K's Newsletter

May and June 2022

Theme 8: Animals (April 18-May 11)

When children are asked about things they are most curious about, animals always make the list and bugs are usually at the top. For the next four weeks, we will be immersed in the world of animals-farm animals, zoo animals, insects, and bugs. Children will learn about the appearance, habits, and needs of animals. They will learn about the habitats of different animals and use a checklist to determine whether a backyard critter is an insect or a bug. Enjoy their enthusiasm!

Literacy (Theme 8: Animals)

As you and your child discover critters in your backyard, garden, park, or vacant lot, sing this little song. Make up your own verses to tell about the insects and bugs you see.

Math (Theme 8: Animals)

Theme 8:

During our study of animals, children will be introduced to problem solving. We will use story scenarios to do beginning addition and subtraction problems. We will continue to work with shapes and create patterns. We are becoming much more sophisticated in the way we display the data we collect. Often we make a real or picture graph and substitute stick-on dots for each picture to create a symbolic graph. At home, continue to encourage your child to sort and categorize anything and everything. Be sure to ask for an explanation of the rules used in sorting. The ability to verbalize these rules is important.

Theme 9: Changes (May 16-June 10)

What a difference a year makes! In the next four weeks, children will look at how they have changed over the past nine months-their height, their weight, their knowledge, and their behavior. They will learn about changes around them that are beyond their control-seasons, weather, day and night. They will examine the power they have to cause change and the responsibility they have to monitor change in their environment. Join with us in celebrating this year of change as we begin to prepare children for the changes the next year will bring.

Literacy: (Theme 9: Changes)

Children have been learning to hear rhyming words. Play this game to practice this skill. Pause before the final word in the last stanza and invite your child to supply the word.

Math: (Theme 9: Changes)

As we look back to see how far children have come this year, it is natural to introduce the calendar as a way to keep track of time and note important upcoming events. Provide an easily accessible calendar (on the refrigerator or bedroom door) so that your child can note (with pride) accomplishments and learn that waiting for an upcoming special day requires patience.


May 5: No Pre K (Pre K registration day)

May 12-13: No Pre K (Conference days)

May 26: Field Day

May 27: 1/2 Day

May 30: No School (Memorial Day)

June 13-16: Summer Safety

June 16: Last day of school, 1/2 day

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