Waipipi School 2022

Term 1: Tuesday 1st February

Welcome back everyone!


We'd like to extend a huge thanks to Tracey and Mark Burns for getting the school pool looking amazing and for all their hard work doing extra things around the school.

TERM ONE DATES (There are more dates to come and all dates are subject to change and the Covid Traffic Light System)

Friday 4th February

Year 7-8 Technology at View Road. Must wear full covered shoes. Will bus to and from school.

NO SCHOOL on Monday 7th February (Mondayised Waitangi Day)

Tuesday 15th February

Swimming Practice at Town Pools

Zoom- Meet the Teacher. Times are below.

Friday 18th February

Technology at View Road

Tuesday 22nd February

Swimming Practice at Town Pools

Friday 11th March

Technology at View Road

Tuesday 15th March

Franklin Zone Swimming Yrs 7-8

Thursday 17th March

Franklin Zone Swimming Yrs 5-6

Friday 25th March

Technology at View Road

Friday 6th April

Technology at View Road


School App Reminder: Please change your classroom settings so that you get communications from your child/ren’s new classroom teacher. Click on menu, alert subscriptions and change groups you want to subscribe to.

SUN SAFETY and Swimming

Students are expected to wear their school uniform hat anytime they are outside the classroom.

Students are also welcome to wear sunglasses when they are playing outside.

Students are strongly encouraged to have their own sunscreen and apply it before they go outside.

Students are expected to have their togs and towels each day for the swimming programme which is part of the PE curriculum. If your child is not able to take part in swimming, please provide a note for the classroom teacher.


To help us keep our students and staff safe, we ask that parents do the following:

1. Drop off and pick up your child/ren in the school car park each day. Only enter school grounds if your visit is essential. Please wear an appropriate mask, use the Covid tracer app, plus sign in outside Pam's office and keep your distance from others.\

2. Only students and staff are to enter classrooms or office buildings.

3. If you need to contact the class teacher- please do so by email or school phone 09 2358007

Teacher contacts are:

Rachel Johnson Room 3 rachel@waipipi.school.nz

Colin Cochrane Room 9 colin@waipipi.school.nz

Emma Heaford Room 8 emma@waipipi.school.nz

Chris Milne Room 1 chris@waipipi.school.nz

Travis Miles Room 7 travis@waipipi.school.nz

Sally Miles Room 5 sally@waipipi.school.nz

Kirsti Koopmans Room 4 kirsti@waipipi.school.nz

4. If you need to speak with Pam- please call or email her. admin@waipipi.school.nz

5. If your child is unwell you will be called immediately. You may enter school grounds and wait outside the office for your child to be brought out.

6. Year 4-8 students are mandated to wear an appropriate mask on the school bus and at school.

We thank you for your support.

By Zoom - MEET THE TEACHER Tuesday 15th February. Teachers will send you the meeting link by email.

5:30pm Mrs Rachel Johnson Room 3

5:45pm Mr Colin Cochrane Room 9

6pm Mr Chris Milne Room 1

6:15pm Mrs Emma Heaford and Mrs Stephanie Barnett-Armstrong Room 8

6:30pm Mr Travis Miles Room 7

6:45pm Mrs Sally Miles Room 5

7pm Ms Kirsti Koopmans Room 4

School Lunches

There will be no school lunches under "Red" Covid Traffic Light System.

(An at home) Volunteer Role

Do you have spare time each day? (30 minutes?)

Are you computer literate and have access to wifi at home?

Would you like to support a teacher to monitor an online reading programme that needs cold and hot reading passages assessed?

Please contact Michelle at principal@waipipi.school.nz

Training and support will be given.

Our vision: Waipipi Students are successful learners, who communicate

confidently, and interact positively with others.