Kindergarten Newsletter.

Friday 20th April

Parenting night. It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Lower school parenting night and I hope you found it useful and that you realized you are part of a community that is supporting both the children and you as parents. Thank you for coming and sharing ideas with each other.

Math work. The measuring unit advances with the children measuring object in inches. The children are practicing telling the time by hours and half-hours.

Story writing The children continue to write stories using sight words and phonetic spelling. This week they wrote about spring. Each week they are reading and recognizing new sight words. They are now up to 50 sight words. They are working hard and learning a great deal, while still having fun and feeling good about themselves.

Their reading skills are progressing well. Sight words can help a child read with more fluency and speed.

There are some new sight words and older sight words which need some practice. Here are the sight words that need some practice:- but, what, all were, when, we, there, can, an, your, which, their, said, if, do, will, each, about, how, up.

Science. The children are learning about birds and later on we will be bird watching. It is a lot of fun!


This week's assembly was the 3rd grade play.


The children are learning how to answer the phone politely and how to sing "Papa dans la forêt"/Daddy in the woods.


During PE the students are enjoying Scooter City. They have been learning about safe ways to travel on the scooters and to travel within their "city". Learning about moving along one way and two-way roads, stopping at intersections, and backing into parking spots. While they have all designed their own license plates, they have also successfully completed their driver's test and have earned their Scooter City Drivers License. Now working on building their "city", the children are developing many of their great ideas.

Peace activities. The children had an amazing day today thinking about "letting their light shine" and completing many activities. Community, kindness and caring of each other and the earth were emphasized. Read a book about how you can change negative thoughts and feelings into positive thoughts and actions help support the idea of "letting your light shine". 1st and 2nd graders joined in the fun and all the children loved working together as a larger community.

On Thursday the school had a lockdown drill where the children stay in the classroom. It is just another drill, like the fire drill, and all seemed to follow the directions well.

Children of kindergarten age are learning and growing daily but they are children, so mistakes will happen. Please reinforce to your children that at BFS, every child needs to be responsible and be a friend to everyone. Simplicity, kindness, friendship and helping the community are really important values of BFS and I am certain to all of you as parents. The children all want to do the right thing!

Please remember that the weather is changeable at this time of the year. Please send a light jacket for the mornings. Our playground often does not get warm until lunchtime.

Important dates:

Saturday 21th April Spring Frolic

Monday 7th May Trip to Honey Hollow for Pond dipping. Need 2/3 parents are welcome to come.

Wednesday 9th May Bike Assembly. Bring in bikes and helmets on Tuesday 8th May at the end of the day. Only bikes! This is just for fun, as I love to go biking and I like to inspire a love of exercise and keeping fit, while having a good time. They can have training wheels! This is not a competition and should NOT be stressful for anyone. Big friends help! The children need helmets. The bikes can come in on Tuesday 9th May and I will keep them in the classroom.

Friday 11th May Grandparents/ friends morning. Grandparents or a special grown up friend come to school. Unfortunately there is no room for parents! It is a wonderful morning! Joe and Alexis will give you information on what the k class parents do for this event. I will send home a schedule as soon as I get it. It may be the day before.

The art show will be up so make sure you look at it as it has all the children’s work in it.

Wednesday 16th May Trip to the Keswick Theater. Please send in a snack and lunch to be eaten on the bus.

Thursday 24th May Conferences for Kindergarten parents. Children will have a normal school day.

Friday 25th May. Crayola factory trip with big friends.

Move-up assembly Wednesday 30th May. Children will visit 1st grade for about half an hour. They will come back excited but still a little nervous, but they will be well prepared and ready to move to 1st grade. The 8th graders come back to Kindergarten.

Friday 1st June. Track and Field day. It is a normal day of school so the children come for 8:30 and so parents come to school for 10:45 am. The event starts for lower school at 10:45 AM on the lower school playground then the lower school moves to the little field behind the meetinghouse. The children will be on the blue team or the grey teams. I will get to know the teams soon. If in doubt, please ask me.

There is a lot going on but I will remind you as the date arrives.

In peace and friendship,


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