The Fill-In Boyfriend

Author - Kasie West


The Fill-In Boyfriend is about a girl named Gia. She is a senior in high school and has great friends. But when her boyfriend, Bradley, dumps her at her high school prom, she decides she will not let her friends think she had been lying about him. She finds a guy in the parking lot and begs him to pretend to be Bradley. As her relationship with fill-in Bradley grows, the real Bradley comes back, complicating her friendships and relationships.


This book has gotten many great reviews including one from a reader saying that "I finished this book with a smile. It is a little sad, but I couldn't stop to put it down."


This book would be great of you like romance and/or realistic fiction. It is a mixture of both, talking about Gia's friendships and relationships.


My favorite part of this book was when Gia found out that her parents liked her brother's school project video. She stated multiple times that the video mocked her, no matter how many times other characters said that what the video was saying was evidently correct. I liked this part of the book because it showed how much it affected Gia and her view of things.