Lineville Technology

Jaden Toole

Typing Web

- Typing Web helps me with typing more accurate while going fast

- You need to get past the intermediate course to get a good grade in typing

- In Technology class we start out with Typing Web for a warm up every day


- For iTrailer everyone told a little bit about themselves in the app iMovie

- Peoples presentations were very enjoyable to watch

- My presentation made me feel like people know me a little bit, and not just my name

Career Locker

- In Career Locker we took quizzes to see what type of learner we are.

- Career Locker helped us explore collages and the collages expectations if you want to get in that collage

- We explored jobs and collages more in depth

Hiaku Deck

- in Hiaku Deck we got to create a presentation about our dream-jobs, and why we want to be whatever our dream-job is

- lots of girls wanted to be a teacher, and lots of the boys wanted to be in armed forces.

- almost everyone went really in depth in what they wanted to be because they were all interested in what they were doing and in their dream-job

Explain Everything

- Explain Everything we got to explore the app by making a presentation how you did the math problem you chose. (there are some easy math problems if you don't want to do too much work, and also some challenges for you too.)

- Explain everything was fun and easy

- this video of you doing the problem on Explain Everything is only seen by you and Mrs. Myers

Hour of Code

- For Hour of Code i better understood how to make the cretin objects move and complete the level

- There is now Elsa on Hour of Code!

- you can really mess around and have fun in this unit, with Elsa, Angry Birds, Dragons, and holiday cards

Email Etiquette

- I learned how to send a proper email to people like teachers for example

- When I use email etiquette people take me more seriously (if I want to be serious)

- Email etiquette helped me with what I need to write if i'm sending a important email to someone for like business stuff for example