Empty Calories

Project By: Stephanie Hunter and Araceli Castanea

What Are Empty Calories?

The official definition of an empty calorie is a food source that has little or no nutrition value. Our definition of an empty calorie is a fat food that is full of sugars and fat.

Example of empty calories.

There are some foods that are very easy to tell that are empty calories but then there are some that you wouldn't even think would belong with the rest of this food. Here are some examples.
-energy drinks(i.e. Monster)
-sport drinks(i.e. Gatorade)
-fruit drinks(i.e. Hawaiian punch)
-ice cream
-hot dogs

Different forms of empty calories

effects of empty calories on the body

Empty calories can cause a lot of health risks. One of the risks being obesity which is one of the main problems have we have in society today. Many people believe that because its cheaper and smaller that it is healthier that many other foods. Another risk would be heart problems which if obesity is already a problem then a heart condition that is bad is just putting yourself at risk for death. A bad diet can also lead to type 2 diabetes which can be fixed but only with a diet and exercise change. Empty calories will also, but obviously, make you fat and nobody likes being fat due to a bad diet.

alternate choices to empty calorie foods

There are a lot more options to choose from than just empty calorie foods. For example fruits and vegetables give you a lot of nutrition that you need and can even taste better than some empty calorie foods.

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