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So what is this background check guide is all about.

In today's competitive background check industry. Its hard to pick just the right background check company. Specially when you see a new one popping up just about every month now. In this guide were going to figure out what makes the best background check company. By not only doing specific background check company reviews. But also going deep into the workings of the background records industry.


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Where to background check companies get their data.

Firstly one should understand where background check companies get their records. To answer that question we need to ask were the records originate from. In most cases its local sources. Sources like local police/sheriff departments, county and state court houses, city recorder offices, and state databases. Because these are public records they can be viewed by anyone. Background check companies take advantage of this by purchasing and acquiring records in bulk from multiple states and counties. Creating a single search engine system and charging a fee for their background check services.

What makes an online background check company better than another? The simple answer is how big their databases are and how often they update them. Because they aren't directly plugged into local sources and update their databases with periodic dumps of data. Most current records might not make the list daily or even weekly. Unless one goes directly to state or county sources and pulls the record. Its pretty difficult to find very resent events on someones record. Unless the background check company is on top of it all the time. In our list we look at the very best background check companies and talk about all the benefits they provide.

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Best Background Check Company Reviews.

Our number one choice.


Everify Review – This is one the oldest companies in the business. They have vast amounts of resources committed to providing the most complete and updated public records databases available online. Here's just some of the record types included in the search: Criminal Records, Court Records, Arrest Records, Police Records, Inmate Records, Warrant Search, Birth Records, Death Records, People Search, Genealogy Records, Phone Records, Marriage Records, Divorce Records, Property Records, and Asset Search. They are a pretty straight forward company and have excellent customer service support set up in case any assistance is needed.

And the rest. and a Lexis Nexis Company. Lexis Nexis is the next company on our list. Now the core customer of lexis nexis is corporations and business owners. To work with them you'd need a much higher budget. But they are an industry standard in terms of record sources, amount of records, and how often they are updated. We put them in number two because they are intended for large organizations and can be pretty expensive. So unless you need a service for your small to mid size business we don't think it will be a good fit. – Sentrylink Reviews. Sentrylink has been in the background check business since 2001. Currently they specialize in pre-employment screening. They offer criminal background checks, traffic/driving records, and do social security number validations. Discounts are available for high volume corporate clients.

Truth Finder Review: Truth finder is one of the big boys in the nationwide public record search industry. The're records database is updated regularly and they produce quality reports. The website is very consumer friendly and the searches are done in a very timely matter.

Instant Checkmate review: Instant Checkmate Inc is another fairly large background check company. Main focus is on the everyday consumer. Typical record types included are criminal, arrest, court, offender records, and vital information. The company has been around since 2010 and has quickly rose to being one the top background check companies online utilizing out of the box marketing, affiliates, and building out its websites content for improved search engine presence.

Intelius reviews: Intelius has been in business for a while. It was founded in 2003. The company is based out of Bellevue Washington. Search types included but not limited to people search, criminal checks, and email look up.

Been verified reviews: Been verified is another big name company in the direct to consumer background check industry. They have been around since 2007. BeenVerified aggregates multiple types of public records from many sources like county clerks, state and gov records. They do a good job with financial reporting like bankruptcy and tax lien records.

Spyfly Review: Spyfly is another direct to consumer people search website. The main focus of the site is background checks and people searches. One thing that makes them unique is having the ability to monitor multiple people and receive email alerts when something new turns up on that individual.

Kids Live Safe Review – Kids live safe is a different kind of service compared to background check companies being reviewed here. What kids live safe does is provide registered sexual offender monitoring in neighborhoods. Users can search individual offender records and get email alerts if anybody registers within a five mile radius.

Public data check review - Public Data Check is another all in one online background check company. On top of public records information public data check provides offender monitoring and alerts as part of their service.

Persopo Review – Persopo provides an easy to use criminal checks and a way to uncover personal contact and address information / history.

PeopleSmart – PeopleSmart is a people search company which works with public record, phone records, and email checks to help locate people and find information. As with any company that does background checks online. They pride themselves on privacy. They offer multiple price points but have limits on the amount of searches and type of information provided inside the reports based on the monthly subscription fee.

BackgroundAlert – Is a legit background check company. Providing personal information like contact details, address, potential relatives, arrests, marriage and divorce information, plus license information (professional license searches). lexisnexis: Accurint is mostly aimed at larger businesses and private organizations. They provide industry leading support and work with businesses to help them accomplish their goals. Area's of work include health care, insurance, private investigations, legal, law enforcement, collections. Netr Online Reviews aka National Environment Title Research LLC. Main specialty of Netr Online is property records. Available records include but not limited to. Document images: billions of real estate documents are recorded and millions more are added every year (transfers, liens, judgement, leases, affidavits, deeds, assignments, and others). Detailed property reports: see exact lot measurement, dwelling sq ft, amenities, built ins, year built and more. Locate comparable property: this isn't considered an appraisal but its does give you close matches and sale data reports in the area. Parcel maps and more. – US Search for Peopledata. Us search is a well know people search website. Its was established in 1994 and was one of the original companies that pioneered the idea of people information being available online. Basic focus of it is on general information like address and phone number, social media presents, and public records information. – Criminal Watch Dog works with the general public as well as with small businesses and fortune 500 companies. Service include state, regional, and national background check packages both limited and advance. Local county special investigation report. Identity verification reports.

First Advantage Review – First Advantage is a pre-employement background check company. What makes them different is they do background screening in Canada, China, India and other counties. The services are intended for companies looking to hire out of US. – FindOutTheTruth Review. Find out the truth is a background and criminal records search company. They are headquartered in Pompano Beach Florida. The company was founded in 2002.

People Smart Review – is a people search website. Search can be done by name, phone number, address, and email.

Hireright – has been around since 1995. The companies specialty is employee background checks and pre-employment screening. They offer a wide range of products suitable for small business owners to large corporations. Company is headquartered in London but they do provide services in the states.

PeopleFinders was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Sacramento California. They first started as a contractor for but eventually moved into providing services to the general public. Services include public record search, address history, phone checks and other background related categories.

PeekYou Review – claims to be a free people search site. But its not completely true. What they do is bring up simple information about an individual. But ultimately try to redirect searchers to another site for full detailed reports. Searchers might as well not waste any time and go the an actual website that will provide the report. They do have excellent profiles on more well know people.

Spokeo Review is another people search website. Its headquarters are located in Pasadena California and has been in business since 2016. The company first started as a social media aggregator but is now doing public record checks, phone number checks, and email address checks.