World War I

The effects that WWI had on Texas and the US.

The War

During World War I, Britan, France, Russia, Italy and later, the US made up the Allies, and Germany, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary made up the Central Powers. This war happened because of the unrest and greed of the countries around Europe. The only reason the US joined the war was because the Germans sunk a ship with American passengers, and offered to help Mexico reclaim Texas. Texas was the place that almost all aspiring pilots sought out, and thus, was somewhat important during the war. Luckily, the war ended when the treaty of Versailles was signed.

Key People in WWI

Wilson Woodrow was the president during the first World War. He managed the country during this war and declared war on the Central Powers. He was a great leader and helped lead the US to victory.

Another major figure, especially for women is Kathrine Stinson. She was a woman who trained pilots for the air force and did airshows to fundraise money for the war efforts. Not only this, she also drove an ambulance for the red cross during the war. She was one of the few common people who had a direct impact on the war.

The Great Drepression

Hebert Hoover and FDR

The stock market crashed, and after that, all of the citizens ran to retrieve their money, but the banks had run out. People had lost millions of dollars. Herbert Hoover, the president at the time, said that the situation wasn't severe enough for the government to step in, which threw the US into an even bigger economic decline. This caused droughts, which in turn lead to large amounts of dust and began dust storms that ravaged farmers crops and land. People like tenant farmers were forced into even larger amounts of debt when their crops died. Luckily, the second president during the depression, Franklin Delano Rosevelt, created many new US agencies including the Civilian Conservation Corps which created many parks and state buildings for Texas, also gave jobs to many Americans.