Fashion Buyer

By:Ella Newton

Who needs the service for a fashion buyer?

The people who wants the fashion buyers are people who want to be in style with the latest trends or people who go to stores for clothes and accessories.

Work day in the life of a fashion buyer

The work day for a fashion buyer is to go to fashion shows to see whats in style. You also have to buy fashion for the shop you are working for. You have to manage money and fill out reports with what you had suggested.

What is the education required?

The education required is a bachelors degree in marketing, business, or any other related field. The college that most want to go to is FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Why would someone want to be a fashion buyer?

They would want to be a fashion buyer because sure it is a lot of work but it also would be cool deciding which clothes your store would have.

What is the toughest demand for this career?

The toughest demand is to be good at business and know the upcoming styles. You will have to be able to save money and see what is reasonable.

What personality trait is best suited for a fashion buyer.

For a fashion buyer you will have to be creative and responsible. You will have to be able to manage money too.

Current Event

At the collage FIDM they are throwing a summer program for students that have an interest in fashion. The administration is $300 and it goes from June 25-27, 2015. It takes place in Los Angeles, California.
Fashion Trends & Careers : What Is a Fashion Buyer?