Spray Tan & dōTERRA Oils Event!

Experience The Highest Quality Spray Tan and Essential Oils!

Check Out the Most Natural Way to Achieve that Golden Glow!

In recent years, our society has found an obsession with maintaining a beautiful bronze complexion, and it's pretty obvious why. A nicely tanned body shows off curves, helps hide imperfections, and just plain feels like summer (..ahhhh, summer :o) ) Unfortunately, keeping up with this look can take it's toll on the body, potentially leading to life-threatening disease like melanoma.

Of course, you can spray tan! But just like anything else, there is risk to be taken into account. Your skin, being the largest organ on your body, is super absorbent, so you better be mindful what you're covering it in! Michelle's blends of tanning spray are of the highest natural quality in the industry, even safe for pregnant mommy and baby!

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But That's Not All!

Ever experienced the immediate and dramatic effects of essential oils? Get ready for your mind to be blown. Talking about the skin and absorbency, using essential oils topically on the body has a wonderful ability to effect your mood and physiology. Learn how to incorporating essential oils and other natural solutions into your daily routine and experience the energizing, pain relieving, cleansing and soothing therapeutic benefits the top Essential Oil company in the industry has to offer!
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Spray Tan & Essential Oils!

Tuesday, May 12th, 7pm

Michelle's Cottage

All interested in tanning should call Michelle for a fast and free consultation to prep for the tan thats right for you!

Be on time for a special prize drawing for a FREE bottle of dōTERRA Essential Oil!

All attendees receive $5 off their next tan!

Call or email Michelle at (631) 946-TANS sunkissedblissli@gmail.com

RSVP for a 10% discount on oils and a FREE sample :o)

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