Nelson Crabb

By: Shae Smith

His Family and Fun Life

Nelson retired from the Nourth Iowa Area Community collage after spending 38 years of edcation. He has a wife named Darlene, and three children named Tina-girl, Andy-boy, and Katie-girl. Nelson also has many hobbies to, and they are hunting, traveling good gardener, and enjoys many Lake activities.

What Does a Mayor Do?

Mayor Nelson Crabb does things like runs cities and towns, but he doesn't just run it by himself the city council helps the mayor. A mayor also does things different then a counciler. More things a mayor does is makes sure people have responsibilities.[ 65 imployies]. He works for the reserastion in Claer Lake.

What Is The Mayor

Nelson Crabb has been in office for 7 years and at the end of the year he might retire. He says that he doesn't know if he will stop for a few years or not so don't plan on having him as a mayor next year.

Who Is Mayor Nelson Crabb

Nelson was born in New Jersey September 17th. He enjoys being mayor to serve the citizens of Clear Lake both adults and children of all kind. I sure hope you would like to do research on mayor Nelson Crabb. Because I really enjoyed doing research on him, there are also so many facts to learn to.