Animal Project

Relationships With Other Animals

  • The turtle has a parasitism relationship with fish because it eats them

  • The turtle has a commensalism relationship with little fish because they eat the algae off the turtle’s shell

  • The turtle has a mutualism relationship with algae because the algae gets a place to live and the turtle get camouflage

A Turtle Is A Secondary Comsumer

What It Eats & Where It Lives

  • A turtle can be a carnivore, omnivore, and a herbivore - depends on species Tortoises are herbivores, aquatic turtles are mostly carnivores, and semi - aquatic are omnivores - 50/50 meat & veggies

  • Sea turtles live in an aquatic biome.


  • One adaptation is a hard shell to protect it from predators, another is flippers for faster swimming.

  • Another adaptation is they are the color green to blend in with the environment to hide from predators.

Fun Facts

  • Turtles have been around for over 200 million years

  • They also have good eyesight and excellent sense of smell

  • The largest turtles can weigh 2,000 pounds plus