March Newsletter


Principal's Note

Hello to all of our wonderful IAA families! March is a special month to me because it marks the beginning of my favorite season of the year - spring! However, this March has another special meaning. This March, our district is marking the one-year anniversary of the state shutdown due to our current COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a long journey with many obstacles and anxieties but also celebrations. Our school district would like to make a collective commitment to take time to talk with students about what it means to be resilient as we hit the one-year anniversary of our state shutdown as well as to celebrate and acknowledge the many ways everyone has shown resilience this year. You may wish to engage your own students in identifying ways your family has demonstrated resilience over the past year, as well. We will mark this occasion at across our district on March 18th with classroom-based activities that include:

  • A shared moment of silence throughout the District on the same day, at the same time

  • A live video message from Superintendent Flanagan broadcast over both Zoom and YouTube

  • Each classroom will determine age-appropriate celebrations with a resilience theme (similar to some of our 100-day celebrations)

  • Sharing of books related to resilience

  • Sharing with the prompt: “Think about all of the things you can do now that you couldn’t before and how much you have grown!”

Dates to remember:

March 18th: Recognition of COVID Resilience Day,

March 18th: Early student dismissal (school hours 8:10-11:30 for Parent-Teacher Conferences)

March 18th: Parent-Teacher Conferences (afternoon conference schedules)

March 19th: Parent-Teacher Conferences (full-day conference schedules)

April 1st: PTO meeting, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

School News

We are pleased to announce the return of Fill the Bowl! Fill the Bowl is an annual project and event carried out by the IAA 3rd grade. Traditionally, in partnership with Burlington City Arts (BCA), 3rd grade students make bowls, glaze artisan-made bowls, and host an evening event at IAA with bread, soup, and a silent auction of locally-made art, crafts, and bowls. Fill the Bowl is a fundraiser with all proceeds going toward continuation of the event and to the community.

Fill the Bowl WILL be happening this year with a slightly different format. BCA teaching artist Alissa Faber will visit IAA to work with 3rd grade students to hand-build two bowls using different techniques. Students will underglaze locally made artisan bowls. Students will also be investigating the architecture of the Old North End and analyzing how the different organizations and businesses support the people who live in the neighborhood. This unit integrates social studies and art and provides an opportunity for students to put their learning into action with a community-based project.

The Fill the Bowl "event" will occur in late-April or May. It will be spread out over two days and an opportunity for families and community members to purchase student-made and student-glazed bowls for $5 each.

IAA Trivia!

What year did H.O. Wheeler School become the Integrated Arts Academy?

Correct answer: 2008-2009

Town Meeting

Here are some of the highlights from recent IAA Town Meetings:

Celebration of Learning from Ms. Holly’s Kindergarten class. We follow students as they explore the concept of kindness.

Wonder Week was a great success! Please check out the Wonder Week kick off during the February 12th Town Meeting and the celebration of Wonder Week (and conclusion to the Have you seen my Monster saga starring some familiar faces) in our March 5th Town Meeting.

The focus of the most recent Town Meeting was Celebrating Black Voices in connection with Burlington School District’s Beyond Black History Month.

O.N.E. Strings

ONE-Strings has officially begun in 4th grade. Ms. Kathleen and Ms. Rachel are working with Mr. T and Mr. Mike’s classes to learn the fundamentals of playing the violin each Monday or Thursday. The excitement in the classrooms was palpable as students picked up a violin, many for the first time, to learn how to care for it, hold it, the names of the parts, the names and sound of each string, and work toward playing songs together.
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IAA Partner Updates

Join the Flynn Theater for the Performing Arts for a virtual April break camp:


· Monday-Friday, April 19-23

· 9:45-10:45 am/Ages 8-12

· 11 am- 12 pm/Ages 13-18

· Pay-what-you-can; Suggested cost of $50 for 5-day camp.

· Join instructor Jen Greenwood and try your hand at multi-track recording and mixing using Bandlab, a free download that allows you to create projects on your own or with friends. Bandlab works with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. This camp is great for singers and instrumentalists of all kinds!


The past few weeks we have been preparing for our annual event here at IAA, Celebrating Black Voices. Celebrating Black voices recognizes that Black History does not end when March begins but it carries on everyday through our words and our actions. This year we wanted to go beyond the sharing of others words and to take action using our voices through poetry and art just as artists use their art in solidarity to share stories and inspire change. We were inspired by Amanda Gorman’s Ted Talk, “Using Your Voice is a Choice” and the book “Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights”. I posed the question, “What do you stand for?” and students responded by writing and performing their own 6 word Peaceful Protest Poems. Town Meeting was a celebration of these poems as well as illustrated quotes from inspiring Black leaders. Check out the town meeting from last week to see the incredible work that was done around the building as we use our voices for change.

Town Meeting link

Art News

Ah, sunshine and warmer weather is here! Creativity is flowing and students are really in the swing of things. Kindergarteners designed community papers with water colors, tin foil, markers and water. They designed a sea mural complete with a rainbow fish, jellyfish, crabs, and even sea anemones! Second graders created community papers and illustrated a quote celebrating black voices. The dialogue was rich and the students invested. Third graders are working on what makes a community and the Fill the Bowl project. We started with pinch pots designed to look like buildings. We are fortunate to have Miss. Alissa with us to lead in the bowl making festivities. Students created a textured bowl from a slab of clay and another bowl made from coils.

I look forward to the next rotation and more sunny days!

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It has been so much fun meeting and working with all of the students in Ms. Mary’s STEP class. Some I have known, and some are new to the IAA, but one thing we can all do together is music!

Ms. B’s 5th grade has also been working with me, doing music composing in our Integrated Arts classes. They were challenged to record a melody and chord accompaniment. Now we are working in a more abstract format, as they compose a piece to an imaginary place, using musical concepts such as mood (Major &/or Minor), tempo, volume and form. These students are so creative and have leaned to use the incredible tool of GarageBand to make those ideas into musical compositions. Fun!

Mr Myregaard

Email: Website: Twitter: @IAAMusicVT

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Happy Spring! It always feels like time starts to fly after coming back from February Break and this year is no exception. I’m finishing up the second round of my rotation and we are heading into the 3rd and final specials rotation before school ends. K-4 are making progress through our Red Clover Nominees and 4th and 5th grades are slowly reading their way through the Golden Dome Book Award Nominees. Voting on these two awards will take place at the end of May date TBD.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what books circulations look like at the 2/3rds mark in this school year:

While Library may look different this year, the books are still flowing (and I’m racking up the steps as I hand deliver books to students)!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me

Library Amazon Wishlist

Ms. Jen

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Hello Spring! As I am writing this, it is 50 degrees out and the sun is shining! We have almost completed rotation two where we focused on Olympic events and we will be moving on to tennis for our last rotation. I am hoping the warm weather clears off the tennis courts at Roosevelt Park so we can go practice different tennis skills. We are going to continue to hold P.E. outside as much as we can, so please keep sending your child to school with warm clothing. (jacket, snow pants, hat, gloves and boots) If your child needs any of these pieces of clothing, please feel free to contact the school and we will do our best to help provide them with what they need. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Mr. Juckett (Mr. J)

Instructional Coach

Dear Families,

January and February is a busy time at our Burlington Schools as we are engaged in our Winter Assessments. Teachers work with Principal Robinson and me to analyze literacy and math data and identify areas of student growth. It is so exciting to see the improvement students have made in math and literacy skills since October. We also set goals for student performance when we administer assessments again in May. In addition to these district assessments, teachers use their daily observations and classwork tasks to pinpoint what instruction students need... right in the moment. It is my pleasure to support support of the IAA students.

Betsy Knox

Instructional Coach


Hello everyone and happy almost Spring! 🌷 As always here are the March pop-up Covid testing sites and hours! Please remember to stay vigilant about wearing a mask, keeping a 6ft distance from others, and washing your hands!

Nurse Ali