Genetically Modified Salmon

What Are The Effects Of Genetics On Salmon

Effects Of Genetics On Salmon

One of the effects of genetics on salmon, is genetics make GM Salmon or "Frankenfish" as some call, have an extreme ability to grow. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, These fish have the ability to grow much faster than a normal salmon. Causing them to need about 25% less food. The "Frankenfish" can do this to to genetic modifications. They take genetic code from certain eels, Ocean pout eels to be exact, and insert their rapid growth trait into the GM Salmons DNA letting these salmon to have the ability of rapid growth. According to , The natural Atlantic salmon can take up to three years to grow, with the growing trait in GM Salmon, it would take 16 to 18 months for these animals to reach full size. ( PIcture By Science

Effects Of Genetics On Salmon

In Addition to that, Another affect that genetics have on salmon is they are 25 cents cheaper per pound. This is because they eat much less food and use up much less resources, which makes people spend less on growing them, which means you can sell them for much cheaper. This shows that genetics have a large affect on salmon because they sell for much less do to the genetics that makes them grow faster.

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