New Foundland

By: Jack Arnold

Canis lupus familiaris

Male is 28-inch and 130-150 lbs

Female is 26-inch and it is 100-120

most comman color is Black, gray, brown

Role Play

New foundlands are life gards

Needs for a Newfoundland

Grooming: They need brushed at least once a week

Food: A newf will eat 4-8 cups of food a day, or a 50lbs bag in 1 month

Space: They need at least 3-4 acres of land

Excersice: They need excercise at least 1 time a day

Health: joint problems

Habitat: A newfie needs some place to swim


They are very friendly to any body and anything

They would probably not be a very good gard dog because of what they are used for