Nikki Gambo

Capitals and Major cities

Bolivia has two capitals, they are la paz and sucre. Two major cities are Santa Cruz and La Guardia.

History and Language

Bolivia was controlled by Spain, they gained there independence from spanish rule in 1825. There official language is Spanish.
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People should visit Bolivia because of its attraction like the one above, that one is called the Laguna Verde. They should definitly see the witches market and swim in the blue water of the Laguna Verde.

Geographical Information

Bolivia is central south america, southwestof brazil. Some physical features are lake titicaca, altiplano and a highland of the andes

Economic and trade information

Bolivias currency is Boliviano and there economy is boliviano and there economy is capitalism. They import petroleum products, plastics, paper and automobiles. They import from brazil,chile,china,usa ,Argentina and peru. They export petroleum gas amd metal scraps. They export to brazil ,chile ,china ,usa and columbia.

Political and diplomacy imformation

They have a republic government. Bolivias leader is Evo Morales. Bolivia is fine with other countries.