Miss Murchie's Summer

A crazy busy, totally awesome, fabulous 72 days!

We bought a house!

Yep, we did it, we took the biggest step of our lives - we bought a house, and we're thrilled! It's adorable! We have a nice backyard with a fire pit, a big deck and BBQ, a big basement with an office for me, and even a turquoise room! Now all we need is a big screen TV...

Maverick, my extraordinarily adorable nephew!

My brother and his wife recently had a little boy, he was born on June 28. His name is Maverick, and he is absolutely perfect! We get along really well because we both love naps!

My friend's wedding in Endland!

Wednesday, Aug. 12th, 2pm

Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester, England

I went back to England for two weeks this summer to be a part of my friend Danni's wedding, which was so much fun! Then I spent a week in London visiting friends and doing some shopping!


I won't lie, I love a good Netflix marathon, and there were definitely times this summer when I got to relax, and sit on the couch for the day and watch some of my favourite TV shows like Friends, and House.