Team Hootiepatootie

August Newsletter

Fourth quarter is beginning! Get ready!

Well! August was a great month, how much fun was it to have Mini Mania! I hope everyone got their hands on what they wanted! :) I know we are finally starting to ramp back up, and help from the nest was a bonus! Hope you guys are ready!

Recognition! :)

Top Sales and Shining Star

Team Volume: $255,312!! What! That is awesome!!

Melissa Miranda


Francesca Pappagallo


Jamie-Lynn VanArtsdalen

Shannon Spangler

Nikki Monari

Leann Caballero

Heather Castillo

Carly Knewtson

Amanda Knoll

Stephanie Warren

Our Shining Star for the month is Libby Johnson! She made ETL and is now the second on our team. So very proud of her and her hard work and dedication to her team. I appreciate all the help I get from her and my other leaders, and definitely wouldn't want to do this without her! So happy for everyone that promoted last month and lets also give a shout out to all of our ladies on the CABO list! Last time i checked, it hadn't been updated, but i know we have:

94. Leann Cabellero

124. Nikki Monari

139. Heather Castillo

168. Francesca Pappagallo

263. Mindy Giambalvo

271. Rhiannon Foster

How exciting! So proud of this whole team for what we have done and where we are! Keep up the GREAT work and get ready for 4th quarter!