Rebuilding Post-Katrina

Alexis Elko, Kayli Tolleson, Paula Das

Hurricane Katrina

"None of them talked about Katrina. She was their odd sister. The blood dazzler." -Siblings, Patricia Smith

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Statistics and Information

Louisiana had the most deaths, totaling up to 1,577, out of all 5 states Hurricane Katrina hit. 63% of the deaths caused by Hurricane Katrina came out of Louisiana. In New Orleans alone the population fell from 484,674 in April 2000 to 230,172 in July 2006. 70% of occupied housing was damaged in the storm.


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Damage from Katrina

204,000 homes damaged or destroyed from this hurricane. The reconstruction period took 2 years before the town was up and running for tourists and conventions. Cost of rebuilding this town and restoring it back to it's former glory was $14.5bn. Our the nation rallied together to help those in need and spent tireless hours rebuilding the town.




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The Good From Katrina

New buildings, festivals and a “fresh start” has shaped New Orleans into what it is today by making it tougher and more open to how to cope with changes. It gave the city with many problems a new start and fresh beginning. For example, the education systems were deep in poverty with a high illiteracy rate. Once this fresh start was given the education systems were completely refunded and rebuilt.

Before the disaster the unemployment rate was high and the economy varied, after Katrina jobs were available to all people and this helped people get back on their feet again.


Music and Videos

Katrina also brought the music industry together because major jazz musicians came together to write music attributing Katrina. The rebuilding of the town helped the townspeople grow close and out of it we can see some of the most iconic and passionate music to date.

Song: “One Fine Thing” sung by Dee Dee Bridgewater and played by Irvin Mayfield

Video: 10 years after Katrina

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