Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Day

This interesting day all started, with A PHONE CALL. On a nice warm day in Dubai, in the evening, I got an an anonymous phone call saying I had just won $10,000 and that I only had 3 hours to spend all the money. They asked me a couple questions like “What’s your name”, “Your age?”, “What is your birth date” and I answered them. After a while they said “ Okay you have three hours to spend your money, and whatever you don’t spend in that specific amount of time it will automatically come back to us okay?”. Then I hung up and went straight to the mall. I was really excited, but also kind of nervous because I didn’t know what I was going to do with so much money.

When I was at the mall I went walking throughout the mall. I went to see inside a couple of my favorite stores for a couple minutes. Then I got really hungry, so I was on my way to to the food court and I was really lonely and while I was walking through the biggest mall in the world I found one of my friends, Sara, and we went walking through the mall together. We had only walked ¼ of the Mall and so then both of us were really hungry and we were close to the food court, so then we decided to go walking to the food court. On our way there we were talking and I asked how long she had been in Dubai and she told me she was in Dubai because she and her family had planned to go for a week and that today her family had no plans and that they were all doing something different. So our conversation went on and we finally arrived at the food court 10 min. later.

Once we were at the food court we chose what we wanted to eat and we chose “Wendy’s”. There I got a salad and Sara got a chicken burger. So while we were in the food court there was a show going on, so while we ate we had entertainment right in front of us. The show was about acrobats doing tricks. So we finished eating and then we went walking to a couple more stores. Then all of a sudden there was an accident. Someone had gotten lost while we were walking in the mall a little 4 year old named Chiara, came up to us and said crying “ I lost my mom and dad right now can you help me find them”. Then we asked her if she knew her mom or dad’s phone number so we could call her parents and they answered and said they would meet us at the Disney Store. So we were walking to the Disney Store and we waited there for 5-10 minutes until her parents came to us and thanked and so then we kept walking and we wanted to get toys from the Disney Store. We went walking into almost every store and got clothes or shoes or jewelry and we then a notification on my phone went off and it said I had 30 min left until the money was sent back. So went to “Forever 21” and “Sephora” and wasted the money that was left at those store and then we were on our way to the car.

As soon as we were out of the mall, we had forgotten where we had left the car so that took us a while and once we had found the car it was 10:00 p.m. So then we loaded up the car with everything we bought and were on our way home and when we were close to our house we went to the grocery store to get some food and then we were on our way home. Around 2 blocks from our house a buzzer went off on my phone and it said “Your time is up any left over money will go back to the bank.” once we got home we made dinner and we ended up making Spaghetti. Once we were done we making dinner we had made a lot so we invited many people over to eat dinner. After everyone had left it was 12:00 a.m. and we weren't tired so we stayed up most of the night and tried on all our clothes and shoes and everything we got and so once we were done with that we went to sleep and woke up the next morning.

So the next morning we were satisfied we had gotten a lot of new things. Then we were all on our way home when the everyone’s flight got canceled and they made us stay in Dubai for a couple more days and all everyone wanted to do was just go home and relax. Then the 3rd day everyone got back home and went on with their lives. Suddenly I heard a voice it was like my mom’s voice and that voice said “ Jessica wake up you don’t want to be late”. Then I woke up and asked “What don’t I want to be late for Mom”. She answer back “Your silly, well your trip to Dubai with all your friends”, and that’s where another journey began.

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