Kingdoms Of Life

Lexi D'Abrosca

Basic Understanding

p.s I made this chart a long time ago in class(-:

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All of the living these in the Kingdoms of life are all related together. To classify them we use taxonomy… Below is a crash course video about taxonomy. When an organism is found, we use traits to classify them and put them in a Kingdom of life. Taxonomy is important.


The only kingdom of life that doesn't have a cell wall are animal cells. Only Archaebacteria and Eubacteria are Prokaryotic, all four other kingdoms are Eukaryotic. Only Fungi, Animals, and Plants have more than one cell, in other words, they are mulitcellular.


Each kingdom was a way to eat, it can either be an autotroph which means it makes it own food, or its a heterotroph which to get energy it must eat something else. All animals are heterotrophs can eat other things. All plants make their own food. Fungi eat other things to get energy, but they soak up and decompose things as well. Protist are both autotroph and heterotroph, some make food and others don't. Eubacteria and Archaebacteria, are both autotroph, heterotroph, and chemotroph. A chemotroph is when the bacteria uses chemicals to break down the food.

Six Kingdoms of Life Video (We did it in Class)