A Universal Nation

Deciphering the Land of Opportunity, Dreams, and Greatness

America is Universal

Let's first define the word Universal, according to the dictionary; affecting, or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group; applicable to all cases. So, the highlight of this definition is applicable to all cases. Meaning it is applied or can be applied to anything or anyone because of its essence. Water is a universal benefit to all living beings like humans, we need water to live and survive, to trees, we need to give them water so they can grow with health to provide oxygen to help us breathe. America is universal to anyone from a different country, or they themselves are American born and raised, it's laws and and economics provide much better lifestyles in oppose of other countries suffering poor economics with poverty.
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For years now, we as a nation has made its mark across the world with our power, visual display as it can be seen in Hollywood, and strong institutions. A strong nation has good trade, as long as there is good products. In the first 30 years of the 1800s, we started the age of Industry which pushed us to be a rich nation. In the late 1800s to early 1900s, we launched into an evolved state. Building skyscrapers, railroads that revolutionized trade, and transportation, and also institutions for new jobs and successful future industries. Industrialization didn't just fall from the heavens that gave us miracles, Americans competed for years to set a model of possibility that America really is a land of opportunity, men such as Vanderbilt who dedicated into building railroads, Carnegie who built the Skyscrapers we see in large cities today, Rockerfeller who became an American icon who became the richest man in American history. Industry also brought jobs for the foreign who needed it, even today, industries and industrialization provide these factors for our thriving country. In this modern era, we still roar the very privilege of being a nation of prosperity, and wealth compared to other countries suffering from poor economy.

How it connects you ask? #1

Industry is what brought us to our pinnacle of wealth, we then became extremely known and became a valuable asset to other countries in terms of trade and sales. Our economical system of trade is applicable to most countries.
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America has had the reputation of diversity, though it's history of that concept is arguable, the United States of America holds the title of the most diverse country by population. With new cultures that America welcomed, and introduction of our ways of seeing the world. We expanded the knowledge of our perspective about the world. Ethnic enclaves became a foreground representing the different cultures. Ethnic Enclaves are ground urban areas that have a distinct link to the cultural embargo of the certain community.

How does it connect you ask?

Diversity is pretty self explanatory, well, you know the good old rainbow color? Yea basic analysis, a rainbow wouldn't be a rainbow without all the colors right? America is basically a a gigantic rainbow filled with multicultural ethnicity that is striving to make this country better and better. Immigrants from different countries come here for a better life, because of its UNIVERSAL laws, hence why I think America is Universal.
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Dating back 200 years, we celebrated our independence and break from our mother country from its "tyrannic methods", to end abiding by its ridiculous laws. The origin of American Democracy is the bedding which we created a strong nation from. Capitalism is now shared throughout the world as a reference to the US and how I personally think America embedded its mark with all the other nation, we made faster and stronger progress in every way, we ended and proved that giving one man all the power for one country isn't relevant to the words strength and nation. Democracy is a basic principle to us the people, we feel so free and proud because of this. Arguably speaking, this nation is unparalleled with its power and economy, and promptly, it is because its people had a voice, to speak out their individual thoughts to generate an explosive roar throughout the world!

How does it connect you ask?

Other countries that suffer from power and struggling people are ran differently, such as a country being ran by dictators. Democracy gave us equality and rights which benefits from universal transaction that provide us a voice, and oppurtunity.


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Symbolism: American Flag

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America has its history of the flag, and me explaining what the flag represents would be generic and typical. So then i'll explain why added the words on the white stripes and the road! Industry, Industry contributed greatly for this nation, we have been a valuable asset for world trading systems because of our strong companies, industries, and corporation which makes us a country of prosperity. Our power and is the foundation of our dominance in the world, with our military, being the most advanced in technology and developing further, we committed imperialism to promote our way of economy, our military also demonstrate our strength and created allies that contributes to such. The future, we as the people, immortalized amendments for the future of our nation, if we look back, we set examples for ourselves to seek and know what is ahead of us. I believe, we always looked to the future to push ourselves to thrive for more, exceeding within, to result with greatness.

We have the reputation of diversity, meaning we welcome all cultures to come to us and also let them experience the American way of living. Democracy in a road resembles what we are as a nation, a road either empty, or traffic. But it can be also be endless, it's the very foundation of our thriving country.

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Symbolism: The City

A Typical Day in a City

As a former immigrant, I dreamed of coming to America as a kid, I watched movies that I didn't even understand but always tried to phatom the wonders of America. What I see and though drawing this picture is what I felt and thought I saw when I was a child. Every building is unified and illustrated to express the essence of America, a land of opportunity, freedom, and all of the above. It resembles wealth, power, and structure of a nation, skyscrapers stand tall and proud, inside a skyscrapers are the people within working to make this country great.

Jay Ramirez (Jaestin Ramirez)

Mrs. Sandoval

U.S. History

Period 1