Vienna, Austria

Vienna is home to the best music and other beautiful sights!

Did you know they have more real meals than us.

  • In the morning most people have the normal breakfast coffee & rolls.
  • The main meal of the day is at noon its soup, meat, and veggies.
  • My favorite part of the day would be mid-noon cause that's pastry time.
  • Be sure to try one of their most popular pastries.

Immerse your taste with this musical place.

  • Music lovers from all over the world consider Vienna to be one of the worlds capital of classical music.
  • In the late 18th century most Viennese wrote operas not in their native german language but in italian or french.
  • Art galleries and museums are something that attract tourists attention.
  • Music is in their hearts and blood.

Whoa! check out these cool facts!

  • Around 800 B.C. people began to make iron tools and also mined salt.
  • An australian civilization that developed into a powerful empire lasting over 600 years,only suddenly collapse after WWl.
  • Vienna has great musical traditions and any roll call of the world greatest composers will include more musicians from vienna then any other city.
  • Theres more history to a place than you think!!

Go check out some of the most interesting facts.

  • The stream that winds through the old Vienna is the Danube Canal and its usually a brownish color.
  • Vienna's popular park is a 3,200 acre people playground.
  • The towering Alps and their famous foot-walls stretch across the western, southern, and central part.
  • Thick forests cover most of the land.
  • It goes from grass to small trees

One thing fascinating is their languages!!!

  • German is their national official language.
  • In different parts of the country people speak dialects of languages.
  • In Prorridge of Brandenburg about 24,500 people speak serbo-croation.
  • It's to cool to hear all the different languages

The weathers nice in the summer an cool in the winters.

  • Winter gets to a low of 4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Summer gets a high of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Alpine climate-high precipitation , short summers, long winters.
  • Not to cold not to hot.