Analyzing Viola

by Makayla trawick

Viola's identity

viola is the sister of Sebastian who she think dies in a shipwreck. she comes from a wealthy family. She had money before the wreck, but since she lost everything she has to think of a way to get money. she disguised herself as her brother to get money. she is really smart and outgoing. she's very conservative. viola is girly and dainty. But when she switches to a boy her personality changes. "Hold thy peace, thou knave 'knight'? I shall be constrained in to call thee knave knight" (V.i.72-73)

In She's the Man, viola is the twin sister of Sebastian. she come from a wealthy family. she a tomboy and plays on a girl soccer team her mom wants her to be girly but that's not her. she had a boyfriend but broke up with him for being rude and arrogant. when her team got cut, she wanted to play on the boys team but wasn't allowed. so she disguised herself as her brother while he was away in London and played for the team at aleria. so from there she identified as Sebastian the ladies man.

Viola's gender

viola was born a women but since her ship wreck causing her to lose everything she disguised herself as a man. she poses as her twin brother Sebastian who she thinks is dead throughout the play fooling everyone around her. her being her a male she had to learn the way of a man. but her feelings for Orsino was making it hard for her to keep her secret. " He did me kindness. sir drew on my side, but in conclusion put strange speech, upon me. I know not what t'was but distraction"(V.i.59-61)

In She's The Man, viola isn't the typical girl. she is more tomboyish and loves to play soccer, which isn't really a girls sport. when her girls soccer team gets cut she wants a chance to play with the boys but can't because she's clearly a girl. she comes up with a crazy idea to become her brother to play on the team at aleria. the plan actually worked out and everyone at the school actually thinks she is a boy. she tries out for the boys team but doesn't make the varsity team. no one seems to notice that she is a girl not even her room mate. she lives as Sebastian until the last game which she gets play at.

Pecptions of viola

the characters in the play seen viola as a man because of the way she was dressed, and acted. She was somewhat good at being a boy, but no one ever suspected anything. everyone loves her because they don't know she is a girl. she makes up lies like she can speak in many languages to empress everyone. she was a real loyal friend to duke. "I'll do my best to woo your lady (aside) yet, a barful strife whoe'er I woo, myself would be his wife"(1.iiii.40-42).

In She's The Man, viola is perceived as a ladies man in she's the man. when they were at the pizza place and all of her " Ex's" came in there proclaiming their love for her is when the other dudes on the soccer team realized that maybe Sebastian isn't a dweeb after all. after that a lot of girls started to like him. olive on the other hand really like him because she was so easy to talked to and actually knows what girls go through. her room mate saw him as someone who he could trust with all of his secrets. almost like a brother. Duke had taught him so much about soccer and the got really close. malvolio didn't like him at all because Olivia like Sebastian and not him. he was trying to dig up any dirt about Sebastian to ruin his chance of him getting with Olivia.

Similarities and differecnces between viola and me.

A difference between me and viola is that she can keep a secret and lie very well, but I can't hold water to save my life. another difference is she comes up with really good ideas to get what she wants and me on the other hand have to bounce ideas with other people and still might not be too sure about it. another difference is that she loves hard when she falls in love and with me I really don't love at all it takes a lot for me to like a guy let alone love them. also she is very outgoing and in very shy and stay to myself and I don't have many things. one similarity is that when we put our minds to something we do it and well. she is very committed to something as I am.

one difference between me and viola for she's the man is she is a tomboy and I'm a girly girl. some similarities are that when every we do something we do it to the best of our ability. also we are had workers and like to earn what we want. also she are both funny and its easy for us to make friends . another similarity is that we are both string willed and we hold our ground. anther difference is that she comes up with crazy ideas that's actually work, but when I have a crazy idea it never really comes together. me and viola are different in some ways but we are more alike than I thought.